Saturday, April 27, 2013

Homer ready for adoption

HOMER IS a really friendly dog about 3yrs old in Spring of 2013, neutered and ready for his new life. He is a little complicated and will need a person that knows there way around dogs in order for him to succeed. Homer has lots of try and loves people. He is guarded about certain things due to a rough beginning but we notice a lot of improvement since he has been here. He loves to work, sits proudly and will do nothing but get better with some patience and straight forward attention. He enjoys riding in the car, enjoys being in the house and shows tons of potential. The adoption fee for Homer is $110.00 and that includes his neuter, shots and a microchip. If you like working with these kinds of dogs he will be lots of fun. Give us a call and come meet Homer.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two Cocker Spaniels available for adoption

We picked up two abandoned Cocker Spaniels today in Pie Town. They were living at a home and had been abandoned. They are house broken, friendly (like the tummy rubbed) and like to get in a car. Both are male and have been neutered and have microchips and about 3 years old. We will be posting them right away. They need groomed and then we’ll post updated pictures. Adoption fee for each is $110.00.

Monday, April 8, 2013

No-kill animal sanctuary and adoption facility | Nonprofits -

No-kill animal sanctuary and adoption facility | Nonprofits -

Additional auction items for the Dinner/Dance on 4 May

  The list now includes:
   Ulberti 4570 Rifle
    Leather jacket
    Dulcimer musical instrument
    Original art by Michael Robinson

Keep checking back, the list continues to grow!  Should be a GREAT time for everyone. 

How to catch a Cat

Turtle II

Krypto ready for adoption

KRYPTO is a very sweet, 8 yr old boy, that was given up by his family because he had an eye infection. He did lose the eye as a result of it but it surely has not slowed him down. Krypto weighs in at 10 lbs, he is quite energetic, and he enjoys helping out with your chores and outside activities. He does really well with the other dogs here, big and small and he is fine with the cats. He does not roam when outside and he happily sleeps all night in his kennel with a big blanket. Krypto should have many good years left in him. He will make a terrific companion. His adoption fee is $75.00 to reflect his older age and that includes his recent neuter, shots, worming and a microchip. This boy will not disappoint.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ella (the wonder dog)

She's a pushy old lady. But pushy is the only obvious part :). This dog is determined and nothing will stop her.

I started out carrying her upstairs (to the bedroom) at night and down in the morning. Shortly, she would appear in the opposite place five minutes later, and I learned carrying was totally unnecessary. She wants to be where the people are all the time. Baby gates don't stand a chance at restraining her. She navigates our new dog door like a champ, and is frequently found wandering our largish back yard. The most impressive of all though is the way she recently began jumping up on the bed!  We let dogs on the bed and I've set her up there a few times for naps and snuggles. One day I took a nap and left her down and she REALLY wanted up. Next thing I knew, my "crippled" three-legged dog had leapt onto the bed, using the cedar chest at the foot of it for a platform. I swear she can do anything!

I'm so impressed with her. She is eternally happy and has an infinite amount of love to give. We are very lucky to have Ella as part of our family. :)


Mark your calendar for May 4th Dinner/Dance

Sunny is looking for a family

SUNNY IS an extraordinary girl, about 5 yrs old and weighing in at around 50lbs. She is our turtle girl, mainly walks everywhere she goes. She is extremely laid with a sweet and friendly personality. This girl had a heck of a beginning, she apparently had many puppies, and we think she may have been a bait dog for fighting pit bulls. She can be completely trusted with children of any age, cats and all other dogs. Sunny is very affectionate and her greatest joy is laying very close to the woodstove on a big thick dog bed. She is sweet and very deserving, Sunny will be a superb companion and with her low exercise requirement that is pretty handy. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay, vaccinations and a microchip. Sunny is a wonderful dog.

Bob is ready for adoption

BOB is just about a year and a half old here in the spring of 2013. He is a real character,  very smart and friendly, he loves people, other dogs, and life in general. This guy weighs in at about 40 lbs right now and he will fit in wonderfully to a family with kids and other dogs or an individual that wants a great companion. He still has some puppy in him so lots of chew toys and entertainment will be a must.His energy level is medium, curiosity level is medium to high.Bob sleeps all night in the house, he loves attention and does great on the leash. This is going to be a terrific dog. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes the neutering, shots, a microchip and worming. Bob is a sweet boy.