Sunday, September 22, 2013

Elizabeth has been adopted

We only had Elizabeth for a couple of weeks.  She has moved to High Rolls which is near Alamogordo.  She has a new sister, Morgan, a Shih Tzu. They were playing together in the office.  Elizabeth is taller than Morgan because she is a Shih Tzu mix.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oakley is ready for her family

OAKLEY is a very sweet and very smart gal. She is about 9 months old, spayed and ready to go. This is such a nice age for training them into what you want them to be. She is a little demure around the other dogs, not a tough guy at all and yet she loves to play with everyone and doesn't back down. Oakley is so pretty and good natured that you can't help but love her. She is not real high energy either, quieter than most of this breeding. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay, shots, worming and a microchip. Very nice puppy.

Gigi ready for adoption

GiGi is a really exceptional little girl, she is about 3 yrs old and  weighs in at around 8-9 lbs. She is long legged tho, very pretty and very well balanced. GiGi is not afraid of life, she is somewhat assertive and confident without being yippee or pushy. She will make a great companion for an individual or a family as she also likes kids. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay, vaccinations and a microchip. This gal is very special.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elsie is ready for adoption

ELSIE IS a beautiful young lab puppy, about 5-6 months old. She has the typical lab personality, all love and
personality. She loves to learn new things and will make a terrific family dog or a companion for an individual that has lots of time to spend with her. Elsie is good with the cats and she truly loves everyone. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay, worming, shots and a microchip. This is a wonderful pup.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Marlin is ready for adoption

MARLIN IS A VERY SWEET GUY, your typical Rottweiler personality with a real love for people.We think he is 6-7 yrs old and he seems to have had a pretty tough life. He has not been here very long but we have had him neutered, he has been wormed and he is starting to fatten up and smile. Altogether he is in good shape. Marlin is not one of the big guys, he will probably be about 75 lbs when he fills out. This boy is not good with cats but he is very friendly with other dogs. So far he is spending his days with several other dogs and he does quite well. He is good in the house and will happily sleep all night on his bed The adoption fee of $110.00 includes his neuter, vaccinations, worming and a microchip. Marlin really just wants his own person to hang out with, his exercise needs are moderate and he will love you forever. Make an appt to come meet him and you will be very glad.

Elizabeth is ready for adoption

ELIZABETH IS a very sweet little gal, about 3 yrs old, quiet, sad and reserved. She lost her family very suddenly in a terrible way and I know it has been very hard on her. She loves to be held and just hang out with you. So far in the short time here at Fur and Feather we haven't seen her coming out of her shell, I just know there is a funny and happy little gal in there somewhere. When these guys suffer such a loss we always hope that their new family will come rather quickly. She needs lots of TLC and joy to come into her life. This is a very beautiful little girl, spayed and healthy. Her adoption fee of $130.00 will also include her vaccinations, worming and a microchip. Come meet her and you will not be disappointed.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Newsletter and Open House Info

Wants to Invite You to Our

It's a Pie Party
and You're Invited! 
the gang  
We're having an Open House on Saturday, September 14,2013 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at our sanctuary in Pie Town. 
The public is invited to come out and learn about our rescue mission and rehabilitation efforts for abused and unwanted animals.
 Meet our rescued dogs and cats ready to be adopted and have some fun!
 There will be refreshments, a craft table and give-a-ways.
For directions email us at or call 575-772-2661
 Pet food, cat litter and monetary donations are always welcomed. 
Fur and Feather Animal Assistance is a 501(c)(3) charity.
  Please come to Pie Town and enjoy the day with us!

Our Open House is the same day as the internationally known Pie Fest in Pie Town where we will also have a booth. 
It starts Saturday morning and runs until some time in the afternoon.
There will be lots of vendors, food and especially home made pie.  Both of our restaurants will be open that day.
There are pie eating contests for children and adults, games for children and even a Horned Toad race.
We always elect a Pie Festival Pie Queen. In the evening, there is a dance. During the dance, they auction off the pie contest winning pies.
Hurray For Purina!
A special thank you goes out to Purina for providing us with dog food and cat food last month. Purina called Laurie in July and said they had pet food for us. Ken, Brad, and Clay sprung into action and headed to Purina's Arizona facility to pick it up. Purina donated lots of food and what a happy sight that was when they rolled through the gates. Purina has generously donated to us in the past and every time we are grateful for their contribution. Thanks Purina - you rock, and thanks to those of you that donated food while we were waiting for this life saving event.
Visit Purina
Chanel is Zen   Chanel's        Corner

Beauty Tip: Coconut Oil
My friend Steve here at Fur and Feather is a border collie/herding dog who has been suffering from a serious skin condition since he got here. Laurie was told that using organic coconut oil topically and orally, might help. Well it did! Laurie told my mom Deb about it as well, and she has been using it on her skin and hair too with fantastic results. For more info about the uses for coconut oil go 
Our claim to Pie Festival fame:
One of our adopters was the winner of the 2009 pie-making contest with her Tomatoe Pie.

Things that we need:
Building Supplies
Dog Houses
Dog Runs
Dog Beds
Cat Beds
Cat Litter
Dog Food
Cat Food
Medical Supplies
Cash Donations
5th wheel trailer
House Trailer 
Actually we can use almost anything
A Successful Summer Raffle 
Kathy Knapp of Pie-O-Neer
We held our First Annual Summer Raffle on Saturday July 20 at the Pie-O-Neer Cafe in Pie Town. The raffle was part of Fur and Feather's pet food drive for the animals living at their sanctuary. Brad Beauchamp and Clay Schumacher of Fur and Feather conducted the selection and Kathy Knapp owner of the Pie-O-Neer Café drew the winning tickets. The winner of the grand prize Uberti 45-70 Lever Action Rifle (Sharps 1874 replica) was Byron Labelle of Albuquerque. Mike Rawl, owner of the Good Pie Café in Pie Town, won the dulcimer and Cole McKinley of Quemado won the Indian beaded buckskin jacket. Congratulations to all three of them!
Clay Schumacher very generously donated the Sharps 1874 replica rifle, Kathy and Stanley from the Pie-O-Neer the Indian beaded buckskin jacket and Don Deaett the dulcimer.
Kathy, Stanley and especially Megan (also from the Pie-O-Neer Cafe), worked hard and organized the spaghetti dinner on May 4 at the Community Center in Pie Town. They ran the dinner dance, dessert auction, and raffle that evening. All sharing desserts and dancing to Megan's band had great fun.  
The proceeds from that evening and from the raffle helped Fur and Feather feed and care for their animals last winter and spring through June and July. 

    Ella's "New" Story Ella on car ride home with new family

Pictured is Ella on her way home with her new family. Ella was one of our seniors. With only three legs and limited mobility (she proved us wrong). We thought she might have her forever home with us. That's why we're here - to provide or find forever homes to all animals that come to us. Ella's person spotted her on the Adopt-A-Pet website and decided to meet Ella here at the sanctuary. One cold, cold day in January her person drove all the way from Flagstaff, Arizona to Pie Town. Long story short, Ella left with her new family and began the most amazing chapter of her new life. Judging from the photo above, you can see she couldn't be happier. Ella's new mom (a veterinarian - lucky Ella!) wrote the following to us:
"She's incredibly loyal to me, and I have faith that she would go to the end of the world to take care of me if she thought it necessary.  Fortunately, the situation has been me taking care of her instead. 

I've used Ella as a story of hope and inspiration for friends and clients about no matter how many times life puts you down, or how long you have to wait, eventually things can still come your way",

This is just one of many reasons why we dedicate so much time and care all of the animals that come our way.
Thank you to all of the new "parents" that have adopted from us for sharing your lives and hearts with your new companions.
A Happy Girl Reunited with Her Family by Sharon Bostick

Some of you may know that FFAA works with the American Kennel Club and their Companion Animal Recovery program (AKC CAR).  We enroll all the tags on our animals-even those that already have a microchip when they arrive here-with AKC CAR In the past, we have had several dogs lost and found and returned to the family quickly. 
Here is a great story about a dog being lost and found recently. It turns out that Valentina decided to go for a walk and went to the neighbor's yard.  When the neighbor spotted Valentina in his back yard, he let her in the house and she immediately jumped on the couch and into his lap. He is new to the neighborhood and didn't know Valentina.  He read the 800 phone number for AKC CAR on Valentina's yellow identification tag and called them immediately.  They telephoned Laurie and she asked me to follow up.  I got out Valentina's family's contact information and I called both the gentleman that had Valentina and the the family.  It turned out she was right next door and returned immediately.  Such a happy ending for everyone.

I'm sending this to encourage everyone to implant a microchip in their animals and if you do it through us to be certain to give us updated contact information whenever there is a change.  Also, make sure that the animal wears their yellow id tag.  Of course, an animal can be scanned any time but in this case that wasn't necessary because the gentleman just read the phone number and her microchip number on her tag.

The AKC Recovery Program is a great way to keep your pets safe.  

Contact us at 575-772-2661 
PO BOX 555
PIE TOWN, New Mexico 87827
Fur and Feather Animal Assistance is a 501(c)(3) charity
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.  
From all of us regulars here, we hope to see you at the Open House!

Brad and Laurie Beauchamp,Clay Schumacher, Ken and Sharon Bostick, Kristen McCain, Cathy Acord (webmaster), Deb Pindzia, Troylyn Zimmerly, and Sarah Ross. We thank you and we appreciate you and everyone that supports the animals here at Fur and Feather.

Support Fur & Feather Animal Assistance by shopping through iGive every time you make a purchase online! Click below to join. It costs you nothing.

Fur and Feather Animal Assistance, Inc.
A permanent residential facility for dogs and cats designed for comfort, 
well being, and CARE for LIFE.
Where Every"One"Deserves a Chance. 

575-772-2661 Laurie Beauchamp
575-772-2543 Sharon Bostick
PO Box 555 Pie Town, NM 87827

email to: Look for adoption stories.

Honey adopted 9 Sep.

Photo: We are excited to tell you Honey was adopted September 9th. An older woman was looking for a companion but didn’t want a puppy, since Honey was about 8 years old she as the perfect choice!! She certainly deserved her own home.We are excited to tell you Honey was adopted September 9th. An older woman was looking for a companion but didn’t want a puppy, since Honey was about 8 years old she as the perfect choice!! She certainly deserved her own home.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Katie Adoption and an Update

KATIE ADOPTED August 30, 2013  We are delighted to tell you that Katie has been adopted.  She has been here for quite some time.  This reinforces that there is a family out there for all the deserving animals.  Katie is the large Labrador mix  in the pictures.   It was cute to see that Katie and Patty sat in the back seat of the car all the way home.  Here is the first update we got right after Katie got home.
The ride home was great, she is such a sweet and wonderful dog, I am just soooo excited that we were able to find her. We got home about 8:30 p.m., she got out of the car and roamed the garage. she is apprehensive about the stairs so I put water and a blanket at the bottom, will sleep on the couch and be there when she decides to come up. It will take time so much has changed for her.

Janis and I are just so proud of what all of you do there, we both said you could see how happy and well taken care of the dogs were. We so enjoyed meeting all of you too! thank you for all the pictures, what a great day we had and what a treasure we brought home. Thank you so much and I will definitely keep you updated on our progress with Katie!

Yes we will keep the name Katie.  Love it.  We are settling in, she does not like the tile and hardwood floors.  I ordered a runner yesterday so we can put in the hallway so she will feel comfortable walking back and forth, for now, it is a lot of coaxing but the only time she needs to be with me in the back is in the evening while I am knitting/watching TV and then for bed. 

I moved myself from upstairs to the spare bedroom so we could be on the same level, she does not yet like the stairs…. All will work out in time.

We take 4-5 15 minute walks a day which of course, she loves and finally I will exercise!  J  All is going very well and I just love her to death!!  She does seem happy with me.

Thank you again for everything, I will update you as we grow.

Henry Update

Oakley on left, Henry on Right
Henry is doing well. I've got an appointment with the vet tomorrow, to get Henry's nails trimmed and to, generally, get him set up with a new vet. Just took him for a ride with me to the grocery store after a walk with both Oakley and himself. Oakley was not very cooperative during the walk so he didn't get to go on the ride to/from the store.
Henry and Oakley get along quite well. They can wrestle for 45 minutes straight. As soon as one of ém may cry out, they both stop and are almost apologetic to the other.  Though, I noticed some scabbing at the base of Oakley's ears. So, I've curtailed their wrestling for now. The scabbing, I believe, is unrelated. But, the wrestling certainly affects it. Yesterday, I bought some ointment, of sorts,
at Petco.
I've attached a couple of photos. You may have already seen one of them.
Will give you another update soon.
Take care.

Jonny Update

One quick story.  Monday, I went to the vet here in Las Cruces to get my heart worm medicine refilled.   On the other side of the room, checking out, was a neighbor.  I tried to speak with her, however, she didn't recognize me at first.  As I watched her, she was very distraught.  Come to find out she had brought he long time companion in to be "put down".
On my way home, I stopped by her house to say how sorry I was to learn of her loss.  She asked me to take all the dogie things she had.  I did.  She put a dozen or so toys into a box and I brought them home.  Set the box down in the house and went about my normal choirs.  An hour or so later, when I pass by the box, the toys were spread out all over the room and guess who was examining each and every one of them -- Jonny.  
Now, for the past several days,  I pick up the toys & return them to the box.  Jonny then proceeds to pick them out one-by-one and to play with them for a few moments.  I had never experienced this behavior in the past and find it quit amusing.  As a scientist, I am curious to understand what is his criteria for selecting the toys.  So far I see no pattern! 
I am very happy to support Fur & Feathers since I very much agree with your mission.   I hope to continue support in the future.   Lulu , Jonny & I are hoping to make it back to Pie Town in 2 weeks for the up-coming festival.
Hope to have more stories later...
Best Regards,
Bob Rader