Monday, April 7, 2014



We lost a friend here at Fur and Feather last week. He was a funny, eccentric old dog with a unique and very loveable personality. Tigger came to us all the way from Red River in Northern New Mexico about 4.5 years ago and we ended up being the lucky ones. He loved his life here roaming around the Sanctuary, keeping tabs on all the happenings and he never skipped a beat. Tigger had clearly never been allowed in the house and every time I brought him inside and offered him a warm place to sleep, he would clearly let me know that he needed no such special treatment. It wasn't until the beginnings of this last winter that he finally conceded to coming in where it was warm and cozy. I can be very stubborn that way, and even though he continued to argue with me I kept dragging him in every night. He finally decided there was no better place to be and he pretty much stayed inside day and night for the whole winter and up until his final day last week. Tigger loved everyone, never held a grudge and was always there to help a cat that needed a cuddle or a person that needed a smile. We all have great dogs in our lives and many memories of our friends that will never be forgotten. Funny though how some stand out more than others. Tigger is now buried in our cemetery looking out over the open fields and the big mountain where he will forever be remembered as the Patriarch of Fur and Feather for a number of years. We love you old boy, fly free and run fast. From all of us here at Fur and Feather, we thank you for coming.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bella is adopted!!

We are delighted to tell everyone that today Bella was adopted.  She now has an animal companion named Koko as well as a new human companion.  We already got the first update from Christine.  Bella and Koko got along just fine at FFAA so we expect this to be a good adoption.  Here is the update.
We are safe at home finally. The trip back was very mellow. Koko konked out and didn't wake for an hour. Bella was a little restless physically but her energy was relaxed. Lots of smells and exploring to do. She's already explored her crate and the yard.
Thanks so much to you both. It was the most memorable day!


Benji, Zorro and Johnny are ready for adoption

BENJI is a real character with tons of energy and joy. He is about 2 yrs old, weighs in at almost 20lbs and he lives life with great passion. Benji has only been at Fur and Feather since the beginning of the year and he
arrived with lots of frustration and pent up energy. Now that he gets to run and play with other dogs all day long he has become a real fun dog to be around. This boy will definitely need at least one or two other dogs to play with and lots of room to run. He does like to be bossy with the other dogs but as long as he gets lots of exercise it all works out fine. He will make a great family pet but may be a little too energetic for real small children. Benji is affectionate, comes when you call him and loves to hang out in the house too. He sleeps all night in his kennel and doesn't get up early. This is a wonderful little guy, he is a nut and he will bring his person a lot of happiness. Benji's adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his neuter, vaccinations and a microchip. Lots of exercise will be a must.

ZORRO is young, not much more than a year old in the Spring of 2014 and he comes to us with little experience in life. He had a bad start and is now learning to love life, eat, play with other dogs and sleep in the house. This boy is very smart but he still worries a lot about whether or not he is getting it right and when he does get it right he gets so proud. Zorro is small, only weighing in at 30lbs but he does have a lot of filling out to do. He will succeed in a home where he gets a lot of attention, this is not a dog that you can leave out in the yard. Blue Heelers are very energetic, very smart and Zorro will especially need a very steady and loving hand so he can continue to blossom. This is a handsome dog with tons of potential n the right hands. He is timid around other dogs but he is getting more confident every day. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his neuter, shots and a microchip. Come meet Zorro, he is a very nice dog.

JOHNNY is about 8yrs old and he loves to play and run with his dog companion, but then he is great at coming into the house and shutting down for the evening. He is a friendly dog, happy and well trained. A full sized dog would be best for a companion as he does seem to get a little crabby with small dogs that are too busy. His adoption fee is $75.00 to reflect his older age, he is in very good health too. He comes neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Very sweet guy that will make a fine companion. Call for an appt to come meet Johnny.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

January (now Stella) Adopted 26 Feb

She is good.  She slept all night.  She traveled well.  She is very shy with Ken but that will get better.  What do you think of the name STELLA?  We are calling her that now.  She is a sweet heart!
Thank you for bringing her to us.    Cherri
Stella is doing well.  She sleeps all night and now she has her own cage.  She has squeaky tennis balls to play with.  She still cowers when Ken approaches her but then she relents and snuggles with him.   She is shy but very affectionate.
She made fast friends with our granddaughter and our neighbor.    She sticks like glue to me.    We love her already.

Ken and Cherri

Bob & Bugsy Update


Latest update on all the monkeys.  Bugsy still messes with Jasper.  Around noon every day (or every other day) we all go for a walk a couple times around the yard and Jasper takes off with Bugsy right on his heels then Jasper lays down and Bugsy runs into to him (not hurting him) then she lays down looking at him and all of a sudden he jumps up and they go again.  It's pretty funny to watch.

I'm working with Bob to teach him to sit.  It's slow going but he's pretty smart and sooner or later will catch on.

Bob and Bugsy got their first dental chew today.  Bugsy took off with hers and laid in our bedroom door chewing till it was gone.  Bob wasn't to sure what to do with it but finally chewed it up and looked for another one.  I told him only one every month or so.

Bugsy went to bed (in the crate) before any of us last night all on her own.  Bob gets up with Daisy every morning, goes out then comes back in and waits for breakfast.  Jasper gets up with us and Bugsy gets up when she hears Jim getting bowls for breakfast.  They have caught on that after meals they have to go out.

Bob is finally starting to bark at things outside (like the garage door opening/closing, a car going by, etc.)

Cats are still hiding out but come for breakfast as long as dogs are in.?

Bugsy and Bob walk right thru the birds but don't chase them or bother them in anyway.

Well, this chapter of the book is over but will keep you informed.  Thinking of this - it would probably make a pretty good and funny book.

Have a good evening - Jim & Sheri

Roscoe Update

Hi Laurie-- Roscoe is on his way back from his first ever vacation!  Miranda and I went down to South Padre Island, TX, to visit my parents; she really wanted Roscoe to come too (and so did I) so we drove instead of flying.  He travels like a champ-- very chill and relaxed in the car.   He had a great time at the beach and chasing balls with my parents' golden retriever.  As I write this, he's snoozing away on his travel bed here in the hotel.   When we checked in tonight, the desk clerk said he had better manners than most of their guests. :) 

Thanks so much as always for everything, but most of all for Roscoe the Flying Wonder Dog--

Bob and Bugsy adopted Feb 19, 2014

Bob and Bugsy moved to a home with two other dogs and some cats. 

The dogs did good coming home.  Bob tried to nap as did Bugsy.  From Quemado on home she got up in my lap and Bob put his front paws on the console.  
Bob, Bugsy & Jasper are going to do well together.  Daisy (the one we never worried about) is a little unsure and I think she feels a little left out but in time she will know they all belong.  Bob & Bugsy are exploring the house and I'm now going to try and give them all some dinner and see how that goes.  Bob took a really good and long leak but Bugsy has shown no interest in that yet.
Jim & Sheri

P.S. Bob spotted Orlando and started to chase him, Jim yelled "hey" and Bob stopped and came back to where we were walking the others.

Morning Laurie,

Everything went "pretty" well last night.  The cats are scared to death right now of Bob.  Think maybe it's because he's new and black but it's a good way to keep them outside :)  He was bound and determined to sleep in bed with us but finally laid down on the floor and went to sleep.  About 4 am he got up in bed with us but didn't stay.  Bugsy stayed up on the couch next to me until bed time then I carried her into Jasper's cage and they both slept till 7:30 this morning.   She's still a little stand offish but does come to us and lays up on the couch.  Hope
today goes as well as last night did.  Maybe the more the cats see Bob outside the better the situation will get.


Many of you that have been to FFAA know Chanel.  She is the beautiful blue Pitbull.  Our wonderful volunteer, Deb, has loved her for some time and has finally been able to take her home.  We’re so happy for both of them.  There are two other dogs and some cats living there too.

The first week went really good. I was worried because she seemed so scared and not like the Chanel I know.   She started eating and the girls play musical bowls. Izzy and Trixie head to Chanel's bowl and she just lets them eat. Then she goes to another bowl and has her meal. She's not afraid to walk on the hardwood floors anymore. She also comes to the bedroom at night and sleeps by Trixie on her bed. When I came home from errands yesterday she was excited to see me! It was cool. Trixie tries to play with her but Chanel is still a little uncertain. She's also getting much better about getting in and out of the car too. I love her very much.   Thank you for my girl Chanel. Love, Deb

Update on Madonna's, aka Bess, puppies

 Here are Mandee,  Fader, and Von  plus one picture of mama Bess (sitting on blue rug) showing how much she looks like Mandee

Bess (Madonna)
Mandee update
Mandee is a long legged "teenager" - weighed 58 lbs the last time she went to the vet, and I estimate she's about 24" tall. (She tried to munch an 8" long centipede and it whipped around and bit her on the lip. Her tongue swelled up and she was dripping a foamy rust colored drool - doc said it was an allergic reaction to the sting).  She turned out to be very smart otherwise, and not one little bit shy - of people or animals - which surprised me. She's not a very good girl sometimes, we have occasional counter surfing issues and still have chewing problems, (she's taught Emmy (their daughter) to put her Legos away and watch out for her stuffed toys), but when we snap a leash on her she's all business. Emmy says Mandee is "Horrible and rambunctious" but the two of them are never in different parts of the house or yard - and Mandee is well trained enough that Emmy can walk her in most instances, although they never go anywhere without me.  Merry Christmas, and thank you for this treasured companion. We sure love her.  Penny
FADER UPDATE  She looks quite content.
Fader is wonderful and loving life.  
Von update    Von is doing great. He has grown a lot. He just passed his year mark in October right? He was such a cute puppy! And now he's a big handsome dog. Bob has been working with him on some obedience training. He is doing excellent. He's incredibly smart. We love him so much! 

Roscoe adopted Jan 2014

Roscoe, a Boarder Collie puppy not quite one year old, was adopted on Saturday, Jan 18, and moved to Albuquerque.   He now has a little girl as his companion along with two cats and of course two adults.   Here are the first two updates.
Roscoe rides in the car like a champ.  He's a very relaxed little guy, and he did great on the way home.  He seems to like his new home, and he LOVES playing fetch with his brand new little girl in the backyard-- they ran around over all three levels together like a pair of goofballs.  Miranda showed him all his new toys in his toy bin in the living room, and they had a big time trying them all out together. 

The cats are taking it better than I'd hoped, and in spite of a decidedly chilly feline greeting at first, they all seem to be getting used to each other very quickly.  Roscoe was very calm and curious, and didn't press them, but didn't run from them either.  Before the evening was done, both cats had come up to him and touched noses.  Peace in our time!
We've taken him out briefly a few times, and I walked to the end of the block and back with.  We came back in to find Miranda on her bed with her dad for story time, and he jumped up on her bed and gave them both a little good night love, then jumped down and laid down in his own new bed next to hers, and promptly fell sound asleep.  :)
He seems like a perfectly awesome little dog, and we are absolutely delighted to welcome him to the family.  He's even won over my husband (who was tolerating this whole plan, but decidedly not thrilled.)  Tomorrow he's going to get a bath, and I think we'll all need to go to the park together.
I think it's very likely he'll be trained as a therapy dog, and he'll get to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.  Miranda has always wanted a dog that could come to her school and be part of the national Read to a Dog program, and I think he'd enjoy that, too.

Thank you so much for all your help and most of all for Roscoe--    Chanda