Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bob & Bugsy Update


Latest update on all the monkeys.  Bugsy still messes with Jasper.  Around noon every day (or every other day) we all go for a walk a couple times around the yard and Jasper takes off with Bugsy right on his heels then Jasper lays down and Bugsy runs into to him (not hurting him) then she lays down looking at him and all of a sudden he jumps up and they go again.  It's pretty funny to watch.

I'm working with Bob to teach him to sit.  It's slow going but he's pretty smart and sooner or later will catch on.

Bob and Bugsy got their first dental chew today.  Bugsy took off with hers and laid in our bedroom door chewing till it was gone.  Bob wasn't to sure what to do with it but finally chewed it up and looked for another one.  I told him only one every month or so.

Bugsy went to bed (in the crate) before any of us last night all on her own.  Bob gets up with Daisy every morning, goes out then comes back in and waits for breakfast.  Jasper gets up with us and Bugsy gets up when she hears Jim getting bowls for breakfast.  They have caught on that after meals they have to go out.

Bob is finally starting to bark at things outside (like the garage door opening/closing, a car going by, etc.)

Cats are still hiding out but come for breakfast as long as dogs are in.?

Bugsy and Bob walk right thru the birds but don't chase them or bother them in anyway.

Well, this chapter of the book is over but will keep you informed.  Thinking of this - it would probably make a pretty good and funny book.

Have a good evening - Jim & Sheri

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