Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rusty is adopted

Rusty has been adopted, here's an update:

We had a great evening and night.  All morning he stayed withing 2' of
me.   People came and went and he was fine meeting the.  Gene was here
this morning and we were all outside working on the trailer.  Rusty
and Perracita were hanging around when all of a sudden Gene really
whacked a board with a hammer.  Sounded like a gunshot and Rusty was
gone.  I drove the neighborhood for hours, called all the
neighbors,drove halfway to Quemado - nothing.  So a friend was working
at Debbie's this morning and she told him about Rusty.  A little while
later he found him at a jobsite below my house about 1/2 mile away and
he was able to coax him into the truck after 15-20 minutes.  Now he is
asleep on the couch - that bigger world can be tiring!  I hope people
didn't used to shoot at him....
Thanks again,

Monday, January 21, 2013

Two more ready for adoption

WEBER IS A BEAUTIFUL puppy born in October of 2012. His mom was with us here, a golden retriever mix with a terrific personality. The father is  unknown but it looks like he may have been a lab type of dog. Of the 4 puppies still waiting to be adopted Weber is the most outgoing and friendly. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his shots, worming, a microchip and a voucher for $60.00 which will be refunded to you upon proof of neutering. Weber is a delightful pup. Please call for an appt and come meet him you won't be dissappointed.

DARLA IS A beautiful puppy born in October of 2012. Her mother is a golden retriever mix with a terrific temperament, sweet and very smart. Of the 4 puppies still waiting to be adopted, Darla is the biggest and probably the most energetic. She has a little bit of white on the tips of her feet and she is very funny. Darla looks a lot like a rottweiler so we are pretty certain that her mother, that was an abandoned dog, must have found a handsome rottweiler when she was in heat. Darla's  adoption fee is $130.00 and that  includes her vaccinations, worming, a microchip and a voucher for $60.00. That will be refunded to you upon proof of her spay. This is a beautiful puppy.

Ready for adoption

CASSIE IS extra pretty with her blue eyes and all white body. She is about 1.5 yrs old here in the winter of 2013 and she weighs in at 50 lbs. This dog is exceptionally smart, learns very quickly and loves to please. She is an underdog in the large group of dogs that live here so she would easily live with a companion dog that prefers to be the boss. Cassie does have pretty high energy but she also has a good shut off button as soon as she comes in the house. She sleeps all night in a kennel and can't wait to go to bed at night. This is a fun and talented dog, good with cats too. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay, shots and a microchip. Lots of potential with this girl.

STEWART IS A VERY SPECIAL RED NOSE PIT BULL, very friendly with lots of heart. He is about 2 yrs old here in the Winter of 2013. His energy level is is medium and his desire to please is high. He does very well with other dogs, big and small and he is now coming in the house and hanging out with loads of cats. He does not have a predatory nature at all, again, he just wants to be with his people and be part of the activities going on. He sleeps all night in his kennel, never complains about anything and always puts on a happy face. Stewart will do good with another dog as a companion but he could be an only child if given lots of time and attention. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his neuter, shots, worming and a microchip. Stewart is a handsome and lovely dog that will do you proud as a family member.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Special, now Pepper, is Adopted

She handled the groomer very well. She bathed like a pro. She didn't care much for anything around her face or paws, but the groomer (my friend, Bobbi Jo-btw--how coincidental is that?) says she will take to it better each time. I only do this about every three months for the haircut. I pretty much keep her brushed myself, which she never once contested! My groomer, at one time raised standard Aussies for showing, and she says Pepper is pretty well-adjusted dog for being a stray. Bobbi Jo noticed a couple of scratched areas in her ears so we will have that checked next week. Pepper did seem to be itching when we got home, but she had no fleas or ticks so maybe she is sensitive to something.
This girl has the best manners ever! She waits for permission to leave any room. I can literally walk out of the living room into the kitchen and she will wait at the entry for me to call her! I am introducing her to each room a little at a time since she is smaller than my other dog so places she might fit under or behind may be a hazard until I can "Pepper" proof them. She doesn't seem to be a mischievous girl, but better to be safe.
She does have one major problem. She seems to be a daddy's girl, which makes me very jealous! That is okay though, since I will be working M-Th, she will be spending most of the weekdays with him.
I have a home office where I work occasionally on the nights and weekends when there are problems. Although I am a medical technologist, I now oversee all the laboratory's computer systems so working from home is possible almost 80% of each day. In fact, during the summer times when my kids and grandkids visit for a couple of weeks, I work from home. 
As I type this, Pepper is laying in the same exact spot next to my chair where my other aussie, Molly, used to lay waiting for me. I am convinced that Pepper was sent to us to help us with our loss of Molly. My husband is so happy. He retired on Aug 1, one month after Molly died and found himself missing her so much. Pepper is making herself right at home, and is making her personality known so well. We look so forward to making new memories with her.
I am attaching a pic of Pepper, relaxing on the couch after her big day at the groomer's. I can't thank you enough! This little girl is home forever!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Libby is posted

LIBBY is a 3 yr old (Jan 2013) sweetheart that just loves people. She is a gentle giant, very big dog with the look of a Saint Bernard except her hair is thinner than a pure St.  She is so polite, she never pulls on the leash and she loves to please. Libby does not like to have dogs crowding her, seems she will accept a friend or two but does not like dogs that much in general. She grew up with cats and is a very good house dog. Libby will succeed the best with no dogs or just another big one that she can befriend. She weighs about 130 lbs. Her adoption fee is $150.00 and that includes her spay, vaccinations, and a microchip. This is a beautiful dog.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Come and meet Bella & Bobbi

BELLA is a most interesting dog, very funny, introverted and hopeful. Her story is a long and sad one, she came a long way to get here to Fur and Feather where she now has a chance to find her people. Bella is about 4 yrs old and she has a great love for people and attention. She did live with a pack of dogs trying to survive for the 1st half of her life so she is very grateful for her warm bed and her big bowls of food. She will do particularly well with just one or two people that will provide her with lots of consistency and understanding. She is very nice to work with, very manageable and willing. Bella does have very thin hair in areas due to chemotherapy she had aftter originally being rescued. She will make you laugh and feel very good about yourself as she is a very grateful dog. Her adoption fee is $75.00 and that includes her spay, vaccinations and a microchip. Come meet Bella and you will fall in love.

BOBBI IS A very enthusiastic teenager, about 10 months old here at the beginning of 2013. She is very friendly and loves playing with the other dogs here at FFAA. It looks like she still has a lot of growing to do, she is about 40 lbs now but needs to gain some weight and fill out. This is a fun dog that will need lots of exercise and attention to succeed. She is a perfect age to train. Bobbi has a good shut off button and sleeps all night in her crate. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay, shots, worming and a microchip. This is a really nice dog. Call for an appt to come and meet her.