Friday, June 28, 2013

Dennis is adopted

Dennis was adopted by Jim and Debbie, he will be living in Centennial CO.
Jim came alone and is spending the night in Raton so Debbie hasn’t even met Dennis.  She says that Jim is very excited about his wonderful dog.  We wish them many happy years together.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mari & Honey ready for adoption

Mari is a 4yr old spayed female, weighing in at about 55lbs. She has a particular type of personality as she is
quite set in her ways. She is not real friendly with people she doesn't know and she gets very bonded to her person. She loves hiking and doing outside chores so she will do well with a person that is pretty active. This gal is really a people dog, she would be fine as an only child so another dog or two will not make a difference to her one way or the other Mari is also good with cats.and very good in the house. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay, shots and a microchip. Mari will be a great companion for an individual or couple that can spend lots of time with her. She is real pretty too.

HONEY IS A GREAT GIRL, she is a lab mix, about 8 yrs old, spayed and in very good health. She loves having her one and only person, she is very faithful. Honey is a well rounded house dog, easy going, medium to low energy, happy to hang out in the house or outside to do chores, go on walks etc. Her adoption fee is $75.00 to reflect her older age and includes her spay, shots and a microchip. This is a very nice girl.


Carter was adopted, he has moved to Albuquerque and will have a dog companion.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mojo Update

Mojo is doing great, and we're in love. He's adapted to his new life really well. We've got it set up so he can be with me in my studio, or in the kitchen, or in the TV room with supervision, and things are puppy-proof so he can stay out of trouble. He's got the peeing and pooping outside figured out, mostly, and gets lots of outside breaks. He's getting long walks ever day and is adapting to the leash very well. And he gets (and we get) tons of hugs and kisses. 

Today we went to a favorite patio brunch place with him, and he attracted lots of attention and compliments. He also visited our vet and got an A+ report. He's got a dozen or so different toys, soft and hard, and bones to chew on, and is learning not to chew on us. He seems to know what "no" means, so he doesn't need more correction than being told "no". We just finished a little training session, where he's learning "bed". He seems to learn quickly. 

I think he's growing visibly before our eyes. He's going to be a super dog, and as a puppy his cuteness factor is off the charts. 

We feel very, very fortunate to have Mojo in our lives. Thank you so much for helping us get together!


HENRY IS AN AMERICAN FOXHOUND, he is gentle and very sweet. This boy is a real looker, he is about 3 yrs old, if that, and he will weigh in at about 65 lbs when he fattens up. As hound dogs go this dog is quite mellow. He does get excited about other dogs playing, people coming, things like that but the rest of the time he just lays around. He does not look for things to occupy his mind. Henry is very submissive, he loves to please and get attention. He will make a great family dog as he especially seems to love kids. He seems fine with the cats, his calm nature is quite exceptional and it keeps him from being a predator type. Another dog as a companion would be a bonus if he has to be left alone but if you are a full time dog parent he will do fine as an only child. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his recent neuter, vaccinations and a microchip. This is a beautiful dog with tons of potential. Make an appt to come meet Henry and you will not be disappointed.

Bruno, now Mojo adopted and moved to Santa Fe

Mojo, the black Labrador puppy was adopted on June 7, 2013.

 This puppy will be a large black Labrador and that is just what Max has been wanting.  Good luck to the two of them.  Max sent us these two pictures of Mojo at his new home.

Allie/ Alice Update

ALLIE AKA ALICE UPDATE    Allie is a small Beagle that was adopted a few months ago.  The attached pictures has her with Dave’s father.  Ta da!  Another happy adoption.
Hi Y'all. An update on Allie (Alice). She is just Great. She is finally realizing that she is not living with fosters. This is Her home. Ever since my mother died 3 years ago, this place was missing the Queen of the Casa. Over here are 3 happy men, and the Queen of the Casa. She very much enjoys her 2 walks a day. Being a heart patient, our walks benefit me as well. She was very "puppy" when we got her, and still a little "puppy", but has settled down quite a bit. I will email photos. She's a walking ball of love.
Dave               May 29, 2013

Ramona Update

RAMONA aka Daisy adopted Sunday May 27, 2013  Ramona is a large, beautiful  Rottweiler.   Michael has another dog, Chico, for a companion for Ramona.  He has had many Rottweilers and understands the breed.  We think Michael will make a wonderful home for her.  She is another very shy but loveable dog.  Michael is patient  with her.  This is his update.  I spoke with Michael on the telephone and he said Ramona was very happy to share a piece of pizza.  She’ll come around soon.

Ramona rode well all the way home. we got to my place and  I let her roam free in my house yard. About 20 minutes later I let Chico in to greet her and she let him know to back off or else. She growled and snarled at him a lot.   He's one of those male types who touch and run away .  He just bugged her.  It took me a few times to yell at him to leave her alone.

She actually came up to me while walking in the back yard where she felt not so closed in. That was good.

She really likes the garage and under the pool table where she can keep an eye on Chico.  He's having fun with her.   She doesn't know it yet.  She is annoyed with him. but I see a good relationship. She is a sweetheart and not aggressive like you said.

Thank you!   I feel she'll come around in the next couple days. She and Chico are in the man cave as I'm writing this to you......    I'll let you know when she lets me touch her....

Roger Update

Roger has been with us since he was quite young.  He came with his mother and sister.  The mother got adopted quite a while ago and is very happy.  Roger, now Max, is a great dog but very shy.  Laurie has had him listed and now Richard and Cheryl have come forward.  They fell in love with Max on the internet.  They came and spent 2.5 hours with him.  Max looked very happy with them.  We think they have the energy Max needs to come out of his shell and have a great life.  Richard sent us two updates with a picture.  The updates are written as written by Max.  They have the little Pitbull mix named Rosie.  She is in one of the pictures.  This way, Max has a friend.  Even though he was shy with people he plays with other dogs.  Now we need to get his sister, Diva adopted. 
Dear Laurie
Made it to Rio Rancho with one rest stop. I showed them though and even got back into the truck, with a little persuasion. There is this yard that has nowhere to hide but it lets me move around without getting caught, although they left the lead on me and when night came put me into this small cave. I won though as they did not get me into the house! I showed them as i refused water or treats. I was locked up for the night but the two leggers left some treats and water in my cave. I ate them after they went to bed so they would not know I was taking anything from them.

In the morning the two leggers put more water and a bowl of food, only one cup though, into my cave. I showed them as I did not eat until after they had left and gone back into their big cave so they would not know. They left the door of my cave open and I am now wandering around the yard by myself.

I keep checking the hole that I came through when we arrived but so far it does not open. So far the two leggers have not chased me although the little white girl keeps coming out and says hello every now and then.

Seems as though in the past there was a dog named Max that meant something to these two leggers and they keep calling me Max. Can you believe, ME, being named after a Lab/Terrier cross?

Just wandering the yard trying to discover a way out. The fence isn't too high though but I don't quite know if I can jump it. Hey, bird bath water is not bad!    Love,  Max/Roger

Nobody is paying much attention to me right now.
Update June 7, 2013

They made me eat breakfast in the man cave today and then we went for a 2 1/4 mile walk. I showed them as I only bolted once when there was a jogger on the other side of the street. This afternoon it got over 90 here and they made me go into the man cave again and would not let me out until after dinner. These people are mean to me as they say that I have to go for a walk again tonight. I am also scheduled for a haircut Wednesday.

HELP these two legers won't leave me alone! They keep calling me Max.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scooter is ready for adoption

SCOOTER IS a happy little 8 yr old dog with a lot of affection to give his person. He weighs in at about 15 lbs and he has had a good life and good care for the last 6yrs. He now lives with a large group of dogs though, and he is lonely. Scooter just loves helping with chores, sharing the couch while watching TV, and especially sharing the bed when it's time to call it a day. He loves riding in the car, he is good with everyone, dogs and cats included. Scooters adoption fee is $95.00 and that includes his neuter, vaccinations and a microchip. Call us for an appt to come meet Scooter,you will fall in love.