Thursday, June 28, 2012



JULIUS is a new resident here at FFAA. He is an older orange tabby cat with deformed eyes that came from Deming. He was one of five cats that came to us after a woman died suddenly and left many animals behind. Julius has adjusted well to living in the cattery with all the teenagers and the 2 seniors that also reside there full time. We have decided that he can see a little because he moves around fairly well now that he is used to the surroundings. Julius will stay here at FFAA for the rest of his life. He is comfortable here and will always have what he needs. Come meet Julius and all his roommates!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mimi, one of our Fulltimers

MIMI is a very funny, temperamental old cat that came to FFAA in 2010. Her people asked us to take her in because she was having a terrible time with her nerves and she continuously pulled her hair out. After many years of getting shots to moderate her problems it was decided that she should be put to sleep. Luckily, she found her way to us and she has thrived here. Sometimes animals simply do better when moved into a different environment. That was the case with Mimi. She now has a full shiny coat and she enjoys her daily routines in the house. She has learned to accept the other cats and the dogs and Mimi is a happy girl. You would never know she is 12+ years old. Mimi will stay here because we would not want to take any chances upsetting her very well balanced apple cart. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bertha is now a free time dog.

Note until new  dogs are proven to be cat friendly and won't take off, they have to stay in a pen.  Bertha spends her nights in what we call the rabbit pen because it used to house rabbits with Lady, a German Shepherd that came to FFAA with her.

From Laurie at Fur and Feather Animal Assistance, Inc.

Big news for Bertha, she made free time yesterday. I finally couldn't take the wailing any more last evening so I just let her go. She is sooooo happy. Just puttering around and even came in the living room last night for a few minutes. Then at dark she went to the rabbit pen and asked to go in. She was ready first thing this morning to be let out and she has been helping with chores, even went out and helped Clay and Brad move the cows. Now she is exhausted.


Lucia & Sharon
LUCIA is one of our Mexican Senorita's that came here from the streets of Mexico. She is our other truly feral dog. The rescue group that we work with there helps dogs that are trapped in the roundups where they collect and kill masses of dogs all at once. This girl arrived at the rescue pregnant with a badly infected leg. She had her puppies upon arrival and then soon after she had to have her leg amputated. Through it all she remained a faithful mom and her puppies ended up in the States in adopted homes. Lucia, scared and alone had nowhere to go so she came to Fur and Feather in 2009. Lucia had to have surgery on her ear in the spring of 2012 and she even rode in the car to the vet! She is very afraid of people but she now tolerates being brushed and moved around in her daily round. She loves her crib in the heated bunkhouse during the winter and enjoys spending her days outside accompanied by other dogs that lay with her and make her feel special. Lucia is a special dog that has found her niche here at FFAA and she will always know where her next meal is coming from. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pam, one of our Volunteers & her Etsy shop

Pam is one of our wonderful volunteers here at Fur and Feather.  In addition to her hands on work, she contributes proceeds from her artwork.  Please check it out @

Pam says "Art and animals are my 2 passions, it's nice to be able to combine them to help the animals!"

Sunday, June 24, 2012

23 June 2012

Today I took a bag of things to FFAA. I wanted to talk to Laurie and left the bag in the club house while we did some chores. When we got ready to talk, I went to get the bag and found that Felepe had decided to take a nap in the bag. I should have remembered how much cats love bags. Here is his picture today, he is a beautiful Siamese and very friendly.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Princess Update


Princess, a small Terrier, was adopted on May 22. Things are going well. We’re so happy for Princess. She has so much life in her and it is good she has her own home now.


This is Sharon from FFAA.  Here is a story about one of our precious furry friends, Gyro.  Laurie always works wonders with the animals that move here and our dog walkers truly helped Gyro learn how to walk straight.

GYRO is a most interesting character that has now been with us for about 5 years. He came in to a Shelter in SE New Mexico as a stray with a serious head injury. It appears that he had his head bashed in and his motor skills were very compromised. After some time of only being able to go in a circle he began to straighten out. We built him a special stall for the night time and bad weather because he cannot get into a dog house due to his continued wobbliness. He has been a very interesting dog to work with, he is not always predictable but over time Gyro has learned to trust and like us here. He spends his days in a mini pasture and he can now scoot along at a good pace. He has learned to be comfortable around the other dogs when we lead him back and forth each day and he loves his routine. We always do the same thing with him each day so he knows what to expect. When you come visit ask us about "Gyro”he is quite a guy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

HI all, is it hot where you are? Here in Pie Town we are in fact blessed with the different seasons but each one brings it's challenges. There are many calls and e-mails coming in, sometimes several in one day with people asking us to take dogs and cats. The quantity of dogs and our ability to care for them is directly related to how our facility itself is able to function. We get so excited when people bring sponsorship money when they relinquish an animal. That is what keeps us going and sadly it is very uncommon. When recommending us to people for relinquishments please remember that we can take more dogs if we have enough pens, buildings, faucets, heated buildings, etc. etc, you get the idea!! If you see Sharons' nice e-mail about Sunny, she is a sad pit bull that we believe was a bait dog. We are working hard at making her smile. Stay cool.

Sharon's Update 20 June 2012

Sunny had a really good day. She is doing good with the cats, but she likes to roam so she isn’t an official free time dog yet. She will be spending time in the house now.
Sunny and I had a good talk today. I explained that she is safe here. I suggested she pick out a best friend. Most of the dogs here choose another dog to be best friend. Sunny told me that she wants her best friend to be Laurie. You can tell how she feels by the picture of Sunny looking lovingly at Laurie this afternoon.
Laurie is happy to be her best friend but we hope she picks another dog also.

Good news. Bruce has graduated to a free time dog. That means he has passed the test to be cat friendly and he isn’t a runner. Such a great dog. He is disabled but gets around fine. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wonderful job, Cathy.  Thank you!

June 19th FFAA Happenings

Thanks Cathy, for getting this set up. I hope people will have some fun with it. As always, there is lots going on here at FFAA. Today we are preparing for a dog that bites people needing to come from Denver, a baby Shar Pei coming from Tucumcari, a shy heeler coming from Alamogordo, and an old boxer coming from the Shelter in Albuquerque. There are a few others waiting in the wings so adoptions are very helpful! Looks like we have a fellow coming from Cortez, CO this weekend to adopt. The heat is a challenge too but the good news is that the dogs aren't as friskie!! Just the ones that are already goofballs anyway. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas. Laurie

Volunteer Update

Cathy is one of our wonderful volunteers that helps us so much. She maintains our websites. She is always coming up with new ideas and does all the work. We are just delighted and proud of the way the web sites look and show what is going on. Go check them out and then maneuver around and see all that is there. She is always adding things so please go back and check them every once in a while. If you know anyone that might be interested in adopting an animal from FFAA, direct them to these sites. If you know anyone that doesn’t need a new furry friend but is interested in worthy rescues, direct them to our sites also. The more people that know about us the better for all the animals.
Cathy’s newest venture is to get us set up with this blog. We would enjoy it if you would check it out and comment on our post(s).

Valentina the Therapy dog

Valentina was the "Special Greeter" here at Fur & Feather, we miss her presence, but it looks like she had a bigger mission in life - here is her latest update:

Valentina is doing wonderful!  She made herself at home and loves her family unconditionally.  We absolutely adore her and we love spoiling her.We are currently in the process of getting her certified as a therapy dog. 


Friday, June 15, 2012

15 June 2012

Charlie doing high five with Laurie. This cat has one damaged eye but is a very loveable companion, he loves to be held and snuggled.

Check out  - Shiloh, Clint and Snickers are new arrivals ready for adoption!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Volunteers Needed

If anyone would like to volunteer a few hours at the Socorro 4th of July celebration, an hour (or 1/2 hour) would be great.  Hours are 8 am to 7-ish pm.  Our carnival game is a duck fishing pond for ages 5 - 11.  

Trixie, the Donation Dog will be there in her coat as long as she will tolerate it. :) Other dog volunteers may be needed for the job. I will have a cooler of water and some other type of beverage (TBD) for sale. Goal is to raise awareness and have some fun! 
All proceeds will go to help the Fur and Feather animals. 

Please contact Fur and Feather.

13 June 2012 - Adoption updates


Moshe is doing great with his new family. He is great with all the other dogs, cat, birds and horses. He is a very giving boy. I also call him my 'gluebug' as he , yes, sleeps in the bed ..the only big dog allowed....and is quite pleased with himself...and sleeps, even in the heat, with his head or an arm on me. He is usually at my feet and always goes where I go. e also sits..and comes...which I are other manners he learned at ff....I know he has a great personality and is a sweet boy but you really did such a great job in helping him become the boy he is. Just love him - thank you. Lisa

Many of you that have been able to visit our facility will remember Valentina. She loves to greet everyone and that is one of her jobs here. She not only greets everyone but insists that she gets lots of attention. Valentina is three legged and deaf. She was found as a young dog with a broken leg on Valentines Day—therefore the name. We took her to our veterinarian in Socorro but they were not able to fix the leg. We then took her to a specialist in Albuquerque and it was determined that her leg had to be amputated. Like all our special needs dogs, Valentina has figured out how to get around like all the other dogs. She tries to get in your lap because she needs help. Actually she does fine but we all like to spoil her and give her a few minutes attention with her resting on our knees. We are happy that she now can share her love and understanding of special needs with others as a therapy dog.

NORMA JEAN Update from the family.
Norma Jean is doing wonderful! She has opened up and loves her home and family. She takes guarding her family very seriously and loves belly rubs. We are now considering adding a new family member to our home and we are very interested in adopting Valentina. My daughter is doing volunteer work in our community and wants a companion to visit the senior center, home bound and hospitals. My daughter will be a 7th grader this fall and volunteers her time with special needs children at school. She is currently a volunteer for the Yes I Can Program with the Taos Municipal Schools and a cheerleader for her school. Please share your thoughts if you think Valentina would like to be a service dog in the community. Valentina’s happiness is very important to us and we would love to provide a loving forever home for her. Francella

Dear Friends, Attached are photos of Valentina and Norma J taken this evening. Valentina is adjusting very well to her new family and quickly made herself at home . She is already playing with the other dogs and verbally lets us know when she wants attention, which we all happily comply to. This evening I brushed her coat with the FURminator and washed her face. I managed to fill a Walmart bag with Valentina's hair thanks to my trusty FURminator. I plan on bathing her once I finish removing all the hair she is shedding. Norma J had no problems getting reacquainted with Valentina; however, Valentina has growled at Norma J when she steps in for her share of hugs and kisses.
The Garcia family has been blessed!


13 June 2012

  Lady, Rustler and Sandy are ready for adoption!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 June 2012

On June 5, we just accepted three more dogs, Bertha, Lady, and Clint and five more cats. We now have accepted eleven dogs and five cats from Deming. I have mentioned the other dogs in previous updates: Crosby, Mama Mia, Cupcake, Simon, Lolita, Rita, Mona, and Dermott. I’ll describe and name the three new dogs. Laurie and our volunteer, Kristin, are working with all the cats.
Note that all the new animals need time to acclimate to FFAA. They have new friends to meet. Laurie spends a great deal of time working with each animal in order to get to know them and determine their needs.


Big Ben
Ben is a very large black Great Dane/Labrador mix. He is quite friendly. He has lived in several foster homes and has made it to FFAA. He is a real beauty.

Bertha (from Deming) is a 12 year old Shepherd mix with some arthritis. She is very sweet. She had a home with the mother (who died) of the woman in Deming that passed away. So this wonderful, older dog has had two homes and has now moved to Pie Town.

Bruce is special needs due to deformed legs/paws. As with all our disabled/special needs dogs he is quite sweet. When he was turned in to Albuquerque Animal Welfare the family said he was ill. No he is not sick but does have a deformity. He is quite friendly and is welcome to stay here forever or until some family chooses to give him all the love he deserves in their home.

Here we go, another wonderful Pitbull mix. The Pitbulls are such wonderful dogs. We have had a few adopted but still need more families to step forward. Laurie is very careful when we do adoptions. We want to place animals in loving homes that match the dogs temperament and needs along with the family’s lifestyle.

Clint is a 2 year old hound (from Deming). He is just adorable. This is another breed that needs to be placed in a home with a family that understands the breed. He will soon be placed up for adoption.

Lady is 7 to 8 years old and a German Shepherd (from Deming). She has some vision problems. She likes to get in and out of her pool. Jeannine brought Lady’s personal pool, a low, metal horse trough. In Deming she most likely used it most of the year. She is in and out of it here but come winter that won’t be needed. Lady is a good looking German Shepherd. Let’s hope someone that loves that breed can work with her and her vision problems.

Shiloh is a Black and Tan Coon Hound. She was adopted as a puppy from here and just came back to us. We always tell people that if they can’t keep an animal that we want it back. Shiloh is a beauty and should be adoptable. She is three years old now. Again, we need to be careful and match her to a perfect situation. Of course, we always try to make perfect matches. That helps prevent dogs returning. We always tell the families that we will take back any animal that isn’t working out. To the animal we just say “Welcome home!”

Winky, the one eyed cat
We accepted Winky from the East Side Shelter in Albuquerque. They didn’t think she would be adoptable. She had to have her left eye surgically removed. She is a Domestic Short Hair. Winky is settling in quite nicely and should be adoptable as special needs.

BIG JOHN ADOPTED Big John is a Great Pyranese and has moved to a home that has goats and sheep for him to guard. Here is an update about how it is going.
I got him home without a problem. Walked him from the car to the animal pens. Red, my Great Pyr/Akbash, came out to investigate and the two sniffed a bit but weren't pushy with each other. Since the goats and sheep were on pasture, I put him in the goat pen to start. Let my other dogs out and they sniffed through the fence while I did some chores. I went back in after a while and one of the dogs in the house with me went on alert -- I went out to find him lying on the concrete patio off the deck. I put him back in the pen. Half an hour later I went out to check on him and he was gone. I scouted around and called but couldn't find him. I grabbed my working dog and Tuck and I went out to move livestock back from pasture so I could focus on looking for him. Tuck had just moved all the stock out of the pasture when I noticed a very large white and gray dog running along the fenceline on the easement. Since I didn't recognize the dog, I thought it might be Big John except for the color. Red went charging over to run the dog off. Tuck and I moved the sheep and goats back to the pen, sorted everyone into their respective pens and went off looking for Big John. I can't walk along the fence line the entire way because of the downed trees, etc. so would have to cut into the fence line periodically to call so he knew which way I was heading. Got to the back fence line which is barb wire and he came off the easement and tried giving me the "I can't come through the barb wire" routine. Since I know the only way he got over to the easement was by going under the barbwire at the back of the property, I was't buying that. Tuck zapped through over to him and back to me a couple of times before Big John followed him and crawled under the fence. Red came up and gave me the "do you want me to run him off" look and I told Red it was okay (Red had been fine with him when I was with him, tried to run him off when he was on the other side of the fence without me, and was fine with letting him back on the property once I was there.) I took him back to the goat pen. He tried to walk up to the goats but they kept running. The goats are used to Red and don't react to him at all. Big John didn't do anything inappropriate but for whatever reason -- his size, his color (largely dark grey at that point) or simply that he was new -- really spooked the goats. Since he wasn't trying to chase them, I figured they'd all settle down and left them. Tuck let me know twice that he was trying to climb out of the pen. I guess I wasn't paying attention the third time because when I went out to check on him later, he was gone. That particular area is double fenced so he had to climb over the goat pen and then the working pen as well.
He ended up doing patrol with Red -- I heard both barking on and off all night and he was on Red's dog bed on the deck when I got up this morning.
I decided I wasn't going to be able to keep him penned so left him loose with Red when I went to ABQ this morning. He was on the deck when I got home (Red was with the sheep that had somehow gotten out of the pasture and were hanging out between the house and the sheep pen.)
He is, so far, fine with the house dogs and with Red. He isn't interested in the animals, but at least he isn't trying to chase any, and he is hanging around. So far, so good. I'd prefer to be able to pen him next to the livestock so he learns to bond with them, but the only area I have with a six foot fence is not close to the animal pens and the four foot fencing around the animal pens won't keep him in. As long as he patrols, staying with the livestock isn't as critical as Red will do that.

I have included a couple of photos of the trip and a couple of mom and Dusty on the love seat from when we got home. The cats came out and met her They felt comfortable enough to lounge in the living room with all of us. She spent a wee bit of time exploring the house and the yard. She seems to enjoy Christopher's garden space and the kitchen but when we came to the living room she was ready to join us. :)
We are going to let her rest tonight then tomorrow she will be visiting our local park and meeting a few of the friendly neighborhood dogs as well as a chance to sniff around and get familiar a bit more. We will be making the appointment for her rabies shot tomorrow and then after that getting her city license. Once she has that we will be introducing her to the smaller dog parks for a bit of socialization. She seems to be attaching herself to Mom and starting to follow her a bit more once she was done exploring. I will send you another update in a day or two with how she is adjusting to walks and city life. Does look like she will be a wonderful addition to the family. Thank you for recommending such a perfect match!
Sincerely, Samara

Smiley was adopted and moved to Farmington. This is a nice family with five children. The dad and two of the daughters came to get Smiley. Such a nice family. Smiley will go running with the girls. Here is an update: Smiley is a wonderful pet. He slept in Maysun's bed all night, except for me taking him outside on two occasions and an early 4 AM walk . He has already taken on guard duties at the house, by letting the neighbors know of his presence with a little bark. I don't think the cats approve though, but he leaves them alone. Today we are going to take a family vote on his new name, which would most likely be either "Woofy" or "Woof-Woof" as, Banas, our baby refers to him. Who knows, maybe we will use both. Nevertheless we will be sure to let you know of his name(s) when we decide. Thank you so much for allowing us to take Smiley home with us.

Here's a pic of Charlie sleeping w\ his rubber chicken. All my friends & I think I'm the luckiest adopter alive. Many thanks, Lynne. (Note, Mandy the Kuvasz also has a rubber chicken that she loves. She torments Rhea and Andrew by squeaking it so much that the chicken gets put up and only given to Mandy for special, short times of play. I guess I’ll have to look for one for my three dogs to share.)