Friday, November 30, 2012

Penny saves the horses!!

Penny is one of our FFAA dogs that was adopted and moved to the Silver City area. Here she is a hero. Buffy is her companion dog. Sandy is her human companion.
You don't hear as much about Penny, my pup from Fur and Feather in Pie Town, NM - you hear about Buffy because he's a boo-boo head. Well, last night, Penny saved the horses. She kept barking quietly, every few minutes while looking out the window. I told her each time to be quiet, nothing was out there. I finally got up and looked out, telling her there was nothing there. Then I saw him. Beavey, the gray gelding, was in the yard. I grabbed horse treats and got him and Willie, the brown gelding, back into the pasture. It turns out they had broken through the pasture gate, but came back into the yard instead of out through the open highway gate. Had Penny not kept barking, it would have been another 45 minutes before I went out to feed. Buffy? He was asleep on the bed the whole time.
A Penny Pup-date: she's learned to eat Milk Bones! At first, I had to break them up, pry her mouth open, place the treat in her mouth in order for her to realize it was hers. Now, she sniffs, and gently accepts the bone. If they are the "flavored" type, she licks it first to see if she likes it. If she doesn't, Buffy eats it and she tries a different one until she finds one she does like.


Hi, hope you and everyone at Fur and Feather had a good Thanksgiving holiday. :) Well its been a little over a month now and I thought an update on Louie would be good. Well we've had our ups and downs with him. So you know, he loves going on walks. He is adjusting to city slowly but I'm sure it just takes time. On the weekends we go to the park which he loves going, and take longer walks there. He also loves going on rides in my husband's jeep. My husband says that he is definitely a "jeep dog" which made his world! :) Then there are the downs, as I mention to you before, when we go to work we always make sure to take him out and feed him before we leave. By the way, he is getting along quite well with our male cat. They love to chase each other around and they play too. The female cat, she is a diva to begin with. She is still getting use to him. Other than that, he is a good dog, he sleeps through the night and loves to play with his duck we bought him when he first came home. . :) Hope to hear from you soon! 

GARRETT adoption update

Susannah fell in love with Garrett and adopted him this month. She had previously adopted Azule from F&F,  Azule loves Garrett too.
Here's our latest Email update about Garrett:

Things are going well here. Garrett and Azule get along easily..she is SO excited to have a companion again...she loves him. Morning of Sunday they both greeted me on getting up with waggly butts and tails and heads and all...they were happy! Azule has taken the lead in barking at coyotes....she is monitoring the back of the house as Chaco used to do and being very much on the alert, instead of hanging around the front porch.
Garrett mans the front yard, sittting untied about where his lead kept him...I MAY have heard him bark once or twice, but am not completely sure, but he seems to be getting into the defender game a bit. Even Oliver, while cautious about the big guy, is not freaked out as w/ Howdy. I will tie Garrett on the lead when I go to town tomorrow since I hope that his being in place will also keep Azule from roaming off the property. She seems to be staying put pretty well which I do prefer. We are all happy campers, very much at peace...I am so glad to have him. I tell him all the time what a great dog he is....he even almost cooperates in sitting down, every now and then. Thanks so much for letting me have him. Affectionately, Susannah


Nov 24th
Thank you so much. Snickers is fitting in really well. She and Harley got up to play this morning and both are pooped out. They both got showers – and a scrub down. I don’t think it will last too long seeing as we have quite a bit of dusty dirt around the house. It is funny to watch them play because Harley has never had a playmate who has the same strategies she has. The ride home was long – Snickers was a bit nervous, but once we got here, she didn’t want to get out of the car. There was the inevitable accident with peeing and pooping in the house – I think it was just nerves.
Snickers slept through the night as you said she would and we took her out on a leash this morning. Then I tethered the two of them together and we walked around for a bit. Finally, I took the tether off once I figured Snickers would not run off. What a good little girl! I think we are going to keep her name Snickers – especially since she responds to it so well. Also, she is sweet and kind of nutty – just like a Snickers Bar. Linda

NOV 26th
Just an update – Snickers is really getting along well here. She and Harley have found a happy medium. She has already learned to walk on the leash, play fetch with a ball, she loves to pick up sticks and put them on our portal – I think for later use. We went for a ride down the mesa today to meet some other dogs – she really behaved wonderfully. She is missing her daddy – Tom is out of town. When Snickers gets a little rambunctious, Harley reminds her with a little low growl and that is enough. She is really a great dog. Harley is finally warming up to her and licks her ears. 


Stewart (aka Ruffles) is a cute pitbull mix from Albuquerque. When his mouth is closed he has a snaggle tooth which I think is cute. Laurie has already started integrating him into the pack and it going quite well. Welcome Stewart.

FUNDRAISER November 24, 2012

Fur and Feather was represented at the fundraiser in Quemado on 24 Nov 2012.   Deb, Nancy and I had a good time and made some money in the process!!   Deb took our remaining items to Socorro because there will be one more opportunity there in the next couple of weeks. The picture of Nancy is showing what we donated to the silent auction as a fundraiser for the high school seniors. Senior classes tend to be only 12 to 15 students. What a difference from the big cities. The students do well academically and many earn scholarships. Good causes all around!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Snickers is adopted!!

She was adopted Friday, Nov 24th and has moved to Mountainaire. She now has another Rottweiler mix companion.
Will post an update soon. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

JoJo is ready for adoption

JoJo is a good dog, he is 6-7 yrs old in Nov 2012 and this boy will make a fine watchdog and companion. His owner became ill and had to leave his 3 dogs behind. JoJo came to us with his 2 sister/friends and they were all very sad at first missing their Dad. They have fallen into their routines now, JoJo considers it his job to patrol the place, keep an eye on things and greet incoming people. He stands up for himself with the other dogs and considering he lived a very reclusive life he has an amazing tolerance for all the dogs and cats here. If given a choice tho, he would much rather be someone's best friend. He will make a very good only child and could live comfortably with cats. JoJo's adoption fee is $75.00 to reflect his older age and he qualifies for our free to Seniors program for anyone 65 or older. He is neutered, has his shots and comes with a microchip. He has always been a house dog. Very nice guy, he will be a wonderful companion.

Rocky ready for adoption

ROCKY is a very handsome little black pit bull with a very charming personality. He is quite an exceptional little guy, about 1.5 yrs old in Nov 2012 and he weighs about 40 lbs. Rocky is a small pit bull but he has a mighty personality. He spends his days in one of the big pastures with 10-15 other dogs. he loves to play and gets along great with the gang. He loves coming in the house and he is totally relaxed with the cats. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his neuter, shots and a microchip. Rocky is just a terrific dog, can't say enough about him, he LOVES people and has tons of try.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Fur and Feather Animal Assistance. Think about paying us a visit over the holidays to see all our animals and improvements. We also have 5 wonderful puppies that will be ready to adopt in 2 more weeks. They have been raised here and their mom is a wonderful Golden retriever mix. These are going to be beautiful dogs. Come pick one out! please call for an appt. 575-772-2661

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quinn is ready for adoption

This little guy is one of the most wonderful little dogs you will ever meet. He is extremely sweet and very excited about learning new things. Quinn was found as a pup with a severely broken right front leg and severe malnutrition. He is now about 1.5 yrs old and he weighs in at about 25 lbs. His legs are very short so he is only about 12" at the shoulder. His leg is crooked but he doesn't let that take any joy out of his life. This little dog is great with all the other dogs and cats, he is never crabby even for a moment and his happiness is infectious. He is still a puppy tho so another dog friend would be good for him if you have to be gone all day at work. He will need chew toys but he sleeps all night in his wire crate and he is very content. Quinn is neutered, vaccinated and he comes with a microchip. His adoption fee is $110.00 and you will not find a more wonderful dog.

Pee Wee is ready for adoption

PEE WEE IS A really pretty dog, about 50 lbs, 4-5 yrs old and full of life. Her person parent became ill this year and was no longer able to care for her. She is nice to work with, willing and nice to work with. She will do great with an individual or more than one, she is not a one person type so a family would suit her well also. Her energy level is medium, she does like to stay busy and should have a fairly busy life in order to be happy and succeed. PeeWee's adoption fee is $95.00 and that includes her spay, shots and a microchip. PeeWee is a very nice girl.

Bailey is ready for adoption!!

BAILEY is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She is 2-3 yrs old and just a perfect size weighing in at about 50 lbs. She has only been with us for a short time but we have enjoyed working with her because she is so good natured. Bailey does great with the other dogs, she will stand up for herself but she is not real assertive. I would trust her with kids, visitors and friends at any time. Her energy level is medium and she has a great shut off button, sleeping all night in her kennel in our back room. She is doing well with the cats too, she can sniff them now and just be interested so living with cats is a real possibility. Bailey does have a condition that causes her larynx to tighten if she gets super excited. So far in the time she has been here we have only heard her get a little wheezie one time and she was running pretty hard. It should never be a problem but it is just good to be aware of it. The adoption fee for this gal is $130.00 and that includes her spay, shots and a microchip. This is a terrific dog, beautiful and sweet.

Friday, November 9, 2012

OSKAR The Alpine Tow Dog

Here is Oskar’s story as reported by Marnie. She has added a couple of pictures.

Oscar was adopted from FFAA about 5 years ago by Joerg and Beate while they were residing in Nutrioso, Arizona. Joerg and Beate already had a beautiful Australian Sheep Dog, also black and white, named Kiene (which is German for King).
They called Laurie, told her what they were looking for and made an appointment to pick out a new friend. Kiene was allowed to pick out his new friend and they called him Oskar. Oskar was just a puppy at the time and then after about a year and a half his family had to leave for Germany. While they had him they taught Oskar German as well as English.
Oskar’s companion Kiene died and he was alone except for Joerg and Beate. Joerg hiked all the time around Escudilla Mountain and took Oskar with him; they both loved the outdoors. Then the German government decided Joerg and Beate had to return after living here for 10 yrs. They asked me and my husband, Wayne, to look after Oskar until they returned. That didn’t happen and we added Oskar to our family.
It was a challenge at first since my Wayne did not want another dog! Our other dog, Boss Dog, was old and died a couple of years after Oskar came to us. The loss of Boss Dog for Wayne was hard, but Oskar filled the void and helped him through it. Now they are inseparable. He goes on almost all tow calls and he and Wayne are almost inseparable. Oskar has bonded with both of us. Oskar sleeps with us and loves the outdoors. He started out as a forty-pound dog and has bloomed into 80 pounds of love. When he stands on his hind legs he stretches out to almost 5 feet in height. So I hope you enjoy these few pics as this boy, Oskar, has had a few transitions in his life and has adapted wonderfully since he’s been with us. He loves to play ball and not only fetches but will throw it back to you using his head and tongue, pushing it out of his mouth toward you. He is so dang smart, it’s scary. He’s learned to recognize most words that pertain to him and what he likes to do, even if we quietly mention the word so as not to get him all excited. We’ve had to resort to spelling! OMgoodness, I hope he doesn’t learn to spell!
Oscar is the official Alpine Tow Dog and goes on almost every tow call with Wayne. He sits up on the front seat of the big ol’ truck with its big ol’ window and he “owns” it. We are going to make him a T-shirt with the logo embroidered on it.


Marco and his family are very happy. He moved to Farmington about a year ago. Check out these smiling faces.

Suzie adopted Nov 7, 2012

She has moved to Glenwood with a young couple. She may eventually move to Canada. Alice and Drex fell in love with Suzie on the internet and she seemed to love them as soon as they arrived to meet her.  


The day they were born, they seemed so tiny. Madonna is a great mama. She is allowed free time several times a day. Laurie lets her out in the morning and when she is done taking care of business and walking around for a while, she gets Laurie to put her back in the pen with her puppies. You can see they are thriving.


I am not normally someone who would put clothes on a dog, but it's chilly here! He just loved this the minute I put it on him. And he loves the furry soft throw on the couch, too. So nice to have a dog again! -- Thank you all – Kris


Princess returned to us on Nov 3. She just couldn’t get along with an older, blind dog in the family so she came back. You can see by the smile on her face that she was delighted to be back with all her old and now some new friends. She immediately became a free-time dog and fit right in. Welcome home Princess.


Hello, I thought I would give you an update on how Louie is doing. He is such a wonderful hound! :) My family and friends that met him fell in love with him! We notice he loves to go on walks so in the morning we take a 15 minute walk, when the weather is nice. But so far its been nice. When we get off work, the first thing we do is walk him. Our evening walks are usually about 30 minutes. But he sure loves to smell around. Our cats are adjusting to him. At first they were a little scared but now, I think they are getting use to him now they know he won't bother them much. He is such a great dog. He is very mellow and certainly melts quite a few hearts here.  

October arrivals

Pronounced the Spanish way. We think she is a Boxer mix. Beautiful!

Rowdy came from the Mountainaire area.

Quinn is quite small. We think he is a hound/beagle mix. Interesting thing is he has a problem with his ankles like our Bruce has. We saw Bruce go over to the pen to visit with Quinn. I guess it was nice for Quinn to have another dog that understands the physical problem but seems to be having a very happy life.

Sharon & 5 of Madonna's puppies.  Aren't they cute!


Sarah is doing most of the painting around here. Every time I get to FFAA I see something new. She is continuously working on the mural and has now added a welcome sign. She has been painting gates and posts and other things. We are quite colorful now. Here is a picture showing the new colors.