Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pookie ready for adoption

POOKIE is a very sweet boy, about 4 yrs old in Fall 2013, neutered and ready to go. He will make a wonderful watch dog because he pays attention and loves to be involved in everything that is going on. Pookie weighs about 60 lbs and he has a little more filling out to do. This boy had the genetic testing done so we can be sure about his breeding. The other dogs seem to like him as he has a good energy. He has been fostered in a home so he knows all about that. The cat thing may need some work, he  has been kenneled a lot so his environment is a big deal to him. This dog will make a very good family dog, he is good natured and loves life. His energy level is medium so regular exercise will suit him fine. The wrinkles of the Shar-Pei don't show up in Pookie but his personality and body style do. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his neuter, shots and a microchip. Very nice dog.

Yogi goes home

What wonderful news!  Some of you have seen Yogi, the beautiful, red Chow that has been living here for around a year.  His family hit hard times but things are getting better now.  Brittany came to get Yogi today and we are so happy for him and for her.  Here are some pictures from today.


Here is a note from Troylyn about the Socorro Fest last Saturday.  Thanks to all who participated.  It looks like it was a lot of fun!  
Hi Laurie,
We raised $231.92 at Socorrofest on Saturday. My Helpers were Melisa Torrez, her daughters Charli (the older one in neon green) and Nicole (the younger one in neon green), Viviana Rosero, and Kim Royle. Oh! and of course Dulce (White) and Zeke (golden). Here are some photos.


Open House -- Oct 2013

We had a great open house.  There were about twenty-five people. It was good to see some faces that have been here before and some new faces.    This was a good opportunity to show people around.  We are delighted to say that we had four adoptions.  One cat moved to Albuquerque.  The other cat and two dogs are now living here in the Pie Town area.  We hope to see the animals and their new families once in a while.  One of the fun things that happened was that both Simon and Lolita were adopted.  These two small dogs arrived together and ended up getting adopted by different families on the same day.  My first picture is of the two of them.
SIMON ADOPTED AT OPEN HOUSE Jeanie adopted Sally and Simon is now a companion.  Here are notes from Simon and Jeanie.   Simon just sent you an e-mail. I am the luckiest person in the world, he is a real charmer. Thanks to everyone at Fur & Feathers. j
Simon says that Miss Sally is jealous of me. The kitten, Maxmillion, and Peanut (the older cat) adore me. I love my new home, and have my own bed, stuffed toy and place on the big people bed at night. I am allergic to some of the dried weeds in the yard though. I am going to make Miss Sally stop being so silly, she did give me kisses this morning so I'm making progress. Bet she is my best friend by the end of the week. Keep you updated later..Simon
Well, Simon is really in his element. He barks and puts up a fuss when I leave for the office in the mornings. He tries to grab my pant leg, which has me laughing. Did he go with Brad a lot on errands? If so I might take him a couple of times when I'm not going to stay at the office long. I adore him and Sally is giving him kisses, sparingly, but she is getting better. It is very peaceful and my "critters" are the cutest and bestest of them all. Many thanks for filling my home with so much joy and love...Jeanie

Lolita is doing well. The first day she was scared. Frostie was very jealous. She is off leash now. She is always on the couch or our laps. I think Frostie is a little scared of her which isn't bad for her.

KITTY BOO AKA KITTY A BOO ADOPTED DURING THE OPEN HOUSE AND MOVED ALBUQUERQUE. This was the first time Barbara came to FFAA.  She found a wonderful companion.   Kitty Boo has been wonderful. He slept most of the ride home and is fitting in nicely with my other animals here at home. He doesn't appear to have much interest in going outside but the pet door is there if he decides he wants to sun on the porch.

We were all very busy at the open house. Alexandra came to pick up one of our t-shirts and brought us a rooster named Mardi Gras that she needed to find a home for.  I didn’t get a picture of him.  Sarah was there and told Laurie that she needed a rooster so he went home with her that day. Sarah is one of our workers. Mardi Gras will have a good home at Sarah’s .  Finally, Alexandra adopted our Main Coon cat. Alexandra changed Hamlet’s name to Osiris.  She said it is an ancient Egyptian God and he looks the part.

Kate Kuligowski’s book  Our Most Treasured Tails is now available.  This book is full of interesting stories about the animals that Kate and her husband have rescued over the years.  Laurie has some copies for sale here.  Also, you can contact Kate directly to get a copy.  When you purchase a book, be sure to mention Fur and Feather Animal Assistance, Inc. and we’ll get a donation.  Thank you to Kate for doing this for us and the other rescues that you mention in your book.