Sunday, December 15, 2013


TALK ABOUT A CUTIE- This little dog is super sweet and she loves life so much. Bugsy is about 1 yr old, she is not crabby at all and she has a very calm and pleasant nature. Her coat is thin with a little length to it which is where we get the idea that she may have some Pekingese in her.  Her body shape is similar to that of a pug too so combining the 2 breeds made sense. Whatever she is tho, we just love her. Bugsy likes to be outside and does not want to be a couch potato. She likes laying in the sun and running around with her ears flapping. She will make a great family dog or a companion for someone that will spend lots of time with her, take her places and give her a pretty big life. Just because she is little she still wants to be active. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her recent spay, vaccinations and a microchip. This a great little dog. Call or e-mail for info and an appointment.


Dozer is a super guy, one of our favorites here. He is a stout little dog, very handsome and friendly. His legs are short and his body is wide so it makes him extra cute. Dozer is going to make a fine companion for an individual or a family. He is kind with other dogs and he loves people of all ages. This boy is very sensitive to your desires, he learns very quickly and loves to please. Dozer needs some work on the cats yet, but with some patience and time I think he will be fine. He is about 3 yrs old and he weighs in at almost 50 lbs.  Dozer likes to ride in the car, he loves to come in the house and he is just overall a wonderful guy. His adoption fee is $110.00 and that includes his neuter, shots, worming and a microchip. Come and meet him and you will not be disappointed.

Molly Brown

MOLLY BROWN IS A LOVELY young dog, she is about 3 yrs old and she is beautiful inside and out. Molly Brown is a pretty high energy dog, she likes to stay busy but she always will choose people time over anything else. This dog has been passed around a lot so we have to get it right this time. She does well with other dogs, she is a pretty good team player and her work with cats is coming a long well. She is spayed, and weighs in at about 60 lbs.She is a pretty good sized girl and should do well with lots of exercise and a dog friend or two will help too. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes her spay and a microchip. Molly has lots of try and will make a wonderful companion. She also likes to ride in the car, wonderful dog.