Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trooper Update

Trooper is doing great! He now brings his bowl to me when he wants more food! Lol  He is a good watchdog also, friendly with our friends, barking at strangers...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Petunia is adopted

She was adopted today and moved to Albuquerque.

Honey is adopted

Honey has been adopted and is now living in Silver City, NM.

Will post updates as they are received.

Libby returned, but adopted again!

Libby was recently adopted but was returned because Libby was too large for her.

Here's an update from her most recent adoption:

 The drive home was long but Libby handled it very well.  We generally stop often and that helps but she was reluctant to get back in the car a couple of times but caused no real problem.

She has met all of our other animals and has only shown real interest (growl) in the cats and the local coyotes.  Her attitude toward the calves was sort of a '60s duck and cover; keeping me between her and the calves.  The cows are currently penned and so were no problem except for the excitement of having a dog that close to their calves.

Libby seems to be very mellow overall and is obedient for the most part.  She appears to be very anxious to please so re-enforcing the need for strict obedience with training sessions should be no problem.  

For all intents and purposes she has made herself right at home in spite of all of the  historic dog odors which I think she has found them all and agrees that they are historic.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Food Drive locations

For those of you that live in Catron County, here are two more drop off places for food donations.

Jack and Mak Koerber say they will accept food, etc. Their phone number is 772-5293 and their official address is 64 Old State Road 60. People that live in Datil probably know where they live. 

Kathy Knapp at the Pie O Neer in Pie Town said she will accept donations on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Louie is a Hero!!

I want to share a story with you about what Louie did for me.......................
Back in December, my husband and I were on our Christmas vacation. During the vacation my husband got sick with the flu and stomach flu. After I took him to the doctor, I went to go get his prescription. Of course, I took Louie with me because he likes to go on car rides. Then of course it was getting dark, and as I was walking to my jeep. I had the door partially open getting ready to put groceries and my huband's medicine in the jeep. Then this guy came up to me and asked me for money and I told him sorry I don't have any cash on me. Then the guy asking for money grab my arm aggressively, kept insisting for me to give him money. I was so scared I was trying to get this guy off my arm, then all of a sudden Louie bolted through the jeep door and jump on this guy. Then Louie bit the guy in the arm and scared the guy off. I was so frighten, I grab Louie put him in the jeep and drove off. I never had anyone do that for me and my love for him grew stronger. Of course when we got home I checked his mouth to see if there was like blood in there but there wasn't. I brushed his teeth that night and gave him a little bit of beef stew that I made. To show him how thankful I am. Which I know that is not enough but I had him checked out to see if he got hurt any where else but he didn't. Ever since that happened, he's been following me around, sits next to me while I do homework and when we go on walks he walks close to me.
I thought I would share that story with you, and he's been such a good dog. I mean he does have his moments but I always think of what he has done for me. I just thought I would say thank you for having Louie and for me to have adopted him. :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


FUR and FEATHER ANIMAL ASSISTANCE, INC. invites you to help with our EASTER PET FOOD and CAT LITTER DRIVE now through the end of April. We are in need of reasonably good quality dog and cat food and cat litter as our primary donor has put us temporarily on hold. For your convenience we are offering the following drop off points and their respective contacts:

Quemado, Judy @ 575-773-4379,
Pie Town, Carol and Brad @ 575-772-2661,
Magdalena, Nancy @ 206-909-2728,
Socorro, Casa De Regalos on the Plaza hrs 8-5 Mon-Sat- Ben Zimmerly,
Socorro, Deb Pindzia @313-618-0558 603 Miller Ave from 8-8,
Albuquerque, Pat Moses @505-836-3265

Thanks for any help you can provide and please call for an appointment to come and see our place and where your money is going. HAPPY EASTER!!! 575-772-2661


                                    PIE TOWN NEW MEXICO 
We are asking for donations of dog/cat food and cat litter for the many animals here at our Sanctuary in West Central New Mexico. 
Our primary donor has put us on hold so we are asking for help from the Public. For information on drop points please call us at 575-772-2661.
We are working on a list of drop point locations, so please check back often. 
Thank You,
Laurie and the Crew

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Olivia Update

Olivia has been thriving; she has gotten to a much more comfortable place with our cranky girl cats and now they only have an occasional spat. She loves running around the yard and sits in our big bush for hours at a time watching the robins in the birdbath. We've had sometimes 10 robins at a time around the rim of that bath with some splashing in the middle, and it's like food TV to her.
She has put on weight and is very strong now; she knows to push open the front door when she wants to come in like the other cats do, and waits very politely for Gary to share a piece of whatever he's eating (one bite for him, one for Taz, one for Olivia. Repeat.). She sometimes will eat a piece of popcorn or his oatmeal cookie too; she's always willing to try something new!

Take care,
Toni, Gary, Pinky, Taz and Olivia

Monday, March 4, 2013


Many of you will remember one of Laurie’s personal dogs, named Dancer.  He is a wonderful Border Collie/Cattle Dog.  Our new dog is named Gunner a border Collie/Cattle Dog.  They look so much alike you must pay attention.  Dancer has a full black saddle and Gunner has black and white patches on his back.  Their faces are similar in color but a little different in shape.  Sharon brought him Sunday afternoon.  Gunner fit right in at FFAA.  He is over curious about cats so he must be thoroughly tested to make certain he is cat friendly.  He met all the dogs hanging around when he got out of the car with good dog etiquette.    Many visitors that have seen Dancer were interested in adopting him but we have had to tell them that Dancer is one of Laurie’s personal animals.  Now we can offer Gunner for adoption.  I am attaching some pictures of Gunner and a picture of Gunner with Dancer. 

LIBBY Adopted Saturday Mar 2, 2013

  Libby is a St. Bernard and perhaps Great Dane mix.  We’re not certain.  Someone suggested she is a full blooded short-haired St. Bernard.  No matter what breed she is, she is a great dog.  Pat now has a wonderful companion. 

1st Update:

First of all...somebody snores and it ain't me! That would be the rather large dog now sharing the office with me.

We had an uneventful ride back from Pie Town, but Libby really wanted to watch out the window most of the time. She did fine on her 150 mile drive back to ABQ. She didn't really warm up that much to James, but not to worry. Plenty of time to work on that.

When we arrived home, Libby decided that she would smell every item in the house that she could. At one point, I did suggest to her that sniffing every piece of my grandmother's dinnerware was not necessary, but she insisted.

Last nite I elected to sleep in my office with Libby and not sleep in my bedroom. She was fine with that; and, I periodically got up to give her a little pat or two. She was fine.

Today, she met two of my friends and was fast friends in about two minutes. Vera did walk her 'cause my knee was hurting from yesterday's driving. Vera is German, so Libby was taking her commands in German. And tomorrow, Libby's going with me to my acupuncture session, where she is scheduled to meet several more friends.
In a short time, she is getting a lot done!

I'll keep you updated on her activities. Notice, I said her activities!

Again, thank you all for the privilege of meeting you all, and our thoughts are with all of you.          Pat

PS    Libby doesn't like classical music. She walked out of the room when I turned on the radio...

Mona, adopted 2 March & update

 Jeanie adopted Sally last year.  Sally is a much loved companion.  There is also a large, quite old cat, Peanut, in the family.  Mona is a Chihuahua Terrier mix.  Here is Jeanie’s update about Mona and Sally and Peanut.

This has been hilarious. I think this turned out perfect.

Yesterday coming home Mona put her feet on the back seat kept & looking back, so I stopped and put her on my lap. Sally didn't think that was fair, so I drove(crept) along home with both dogs helping me drive.

Last night I got the bed ready and they slept with Mona in her bed and Sally laid her head on that bed and they kept kissing each other.

This morning I was nervous about leaving them while I went to church. But they were both there waiting to go out and potty.

Peanut, the cat, walked right up to Mona, sniffed, then licked her on the nose. Then she laid down to study her.

Late in the night, Peanut jumped up on the bed and it was so cute. How lucky can I get? We are going out to Brett & Treva's because the children want to meet Mona
How can I ever thank you. What a wonderful blessing this is. I did learn one thing.  Mona has to be on-leash to go outside. She loves to explore but I'm too old to chase her and lost my slipper in the snow. Barefoot, I don't run too fast up hill, or in the snow with no socks. I'm going to get a new battery for my camera so I can forward some of this cuteness on to you.

Getting ready for church they both laid down in the doorway to watch me dress. Then, they were certain they were going with me. That was two sad critters when I left them behind.

Godspeed Laurie you are in my prayers always. Without my "family" it would be dull and empty around here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Laurie, Sharon and the rest of the staff. Jeanie