Monday, December 31, 2012

HURRY - Only four puppies left

We only have four of the adorable puppies left!  Call Laurie @ 575-772-2661 to reserve yours before they are all taken.

Special is ready for adoption

SPECIAL is a Toy Australian Shepherd that is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She looks just like an Aussie but she is very small, only about 14 lbs. This little gal can run like the wind, turn, spin and jump, just like a baby cow dog. She is extremely good natured, grateful and happy. Special is content to go out for a little while and then come right back to the warm house where she loves to hang out and she sleeps all night without making a peep. This little girl is a true delight and she will make a terrific family pet or companion to anyone that wants a buddy. Her adoption fee is $150.00 and that includes her spay, shots, worming and a microchip. Special is very Special.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Iris Update

Iris spent most of the trip home looking out of the window as the world went by, even when it got dark. Joyce was not sure that she wanted a second dog on her car seat. Every time Iris put her nose or her tail across the center of the seat, Joyce growled just a little. I gave them water at one of the stops and I had to bop Joyce's nose so she'd let Iris drink. I had put the bowl in the middle of the seat, so I shifted it to Iris's side and waited while I held Joyce's eyes. (Sometimes it helps to be the alpha.) After a few minutes, Iris drank some water.
We stopped for gas in Socorro. I held Iris's leash while Robert got out to pump gas, then he held the leash while Joyce and I got out to walk around and pee. Iris fell asleep while Robert made a McDonalds run, but she woke up the minute he walked out with drinks and food. It was funny how she sat up just as he walked out the door, as if she had a radar.
We got home about 8:30 pm. I held the leashes of the two dogs in the grandchildren's play room while Robert brought everything in. Then we made a trip out to the backyard before bedtime. We had had enough snacks in the car that I didn't want to feed them dinner, but I showed Iris the water dispenser before we got ready for bed. Iris found a spot halfway behind the recliner chair and halfway under the end table that we call the "batcave." She hid there despite our best efforts to lure her down the hall and into the bedroom. We weren't sure she'd climb on the bed with all of us the first night, but we put a small rug at the foot of the bed just in case she wanted to join us.
Over the first two hours, we were dozing with the TV on, so we woke up every time Iris tiptoed down the hall and stuck her nose in. She'd sniff around, then run back down the hall. Finally she stretched out on the blanket at the foot of the bed (one of the ones we'd had on the car backseat, so it already smelled familiar) and fell asleep. Robert whispered that we should leave the TV on, but mute, so we could check on her when we woke up. Usually Joyce gets up once or twice to pee during the night, but she was too tired from the trip. So was Robert. I got up about 3:30 am. Not only did Iris not flee when I stepped over her, but when I came back, I asked her to join us and she tried to jump on the bed. She even let me touch her to help her up. Then we had two dogs in the middle of the bed between us.
Close to the morning, Joyce shifted so she was up high between Robert and I at the chest level, and she shooed Iris to the foot of the bed. I thought it was good that she didn't chase Iris off. Iris slept in late, glad to have such a comfortable bed to herself. When she finally got up, she was afraid to eat her food. I had to feed it to her one bite at a time. (We are giving the girls Beneful.) I then taught her that it was okay to hop up on the futon in the living room beside me, since I spend most of my days off there. She can lay with me while I watch TV, read, or work on the computer.
We took her out to the backyard three times in the morning, but she didn't seem very interested in going pee. Finally about 11:30 am she relaxed enough to go in a corner. I was worried that she went most of a day without a potty break, but she wasn't drinking much water. I called my friend who teaches Science at the community college and she said that a young healthy animal should be okay. We tried her on the leash, on the leash with us not holding it, with Joyce in the yard and without.
At dinner time Robert hand-fed Iris, as he had done something to spook her and she had been shying away most of the day. She spent a lot of time sitting next to me or in the batcave. When Robert took Joyce for her evening walk, we took Iris along and made it a short turn, just around the block we live on. Iris seemed to really like the walk. She still hasn't pooped, but she sniffed where Joyce sniffed and checked out a lot of curb and sidewalk on her own. Whenever Joyce made a pee marker, Iris sniffed it afterward, and Iris sat down very politely when Joyce pooped. She seemed to understand that Daddy had to pick up the poop so we could throw away the waste in our own trashcan.
Iris already seems a lot more calm. She still flattens her ears when we play ball or tug-o-war with Joyce, but we are hoping that the girls will be playing together soon. I'll try to give you another note soon.  

Friday, December 28, 2012

JoJo is adopted

Jojo did really well last night, he seemed very tired from the trip and dozed off and on all night. He slept in the hall and kitchen! I thought this was funny since we all slept in our bedrooms, and he acted strange about coming into any of them. He would stand on the threshold of the door, and wouldn't enter. He picked the central rooms of the house to sleep in. He is letting us know when he needs to go outside, and is eating and drinking just fine. I am sure he is grieving home a little bit, but he seems to be doing ok. He was brushed last night and I cleaned his eyes/face and feet. He ate that up. :) Also, he and my son are getting along beautifully, he was even licking his face this morning! We are all very happy to have him, thanks again for getting him to us :) and for the pictures!!

Reuben Update

Master Reuben is doing fine with us.  He deserves to be called Master don't you think?  Reuben seems such a distinguished name.  On the other hand seeing that he is just a fun guy, and has a new nickname, Butt-in-ski,  we just laugh.  He got that moniker when I'm trying to pet Lucy and he inserts himself in the petting.  He is a lot of fun, and has brought many rays of sunshine to this house.  Never fear, I don't call him that name too much.  He deserves his own name.  I liked both of the poems you included in the folder.  They're both touching.

I like the way he maintains eye contact.  He's a special guy.

The dog pillow I thought I might have to give up for being unused, is not longer unused.  Reuben started it and then Lucy decided not to be out done.  Reuben likes to get on the bed with her even if his whole body doesn't fit.  He does this on other rugs I have scattered around.


Panda is adopted & latest Update

Here's a photo taken yesterday, the day after I got Panda, a three-year-old pit mix. She's quiet, well behaved, does great in the house and riding in the truck, doesn't lick much, gets along with every animal here, has already buddied up with Gus. All three dogs sleep together at night.
I didn't name her, and though I'm not crazy about the name, probably won't change it. I really like her. 


Panda is the one in the middle.

Here's the latest update:

Panda is doing extremely well. All three dogs sleep together on the dogs beds in my bedroom. She's having a blast running around with her nose to the ground when I do my chores at the stable or walk the almost-quarter mile to the hay barn to feed the donkeys. I've been working with her on recall and she's doing pretty well. Does great in the house, lies on the floor next to wherever I'm sitting and goes to sleep at my feet. Hard to stand up sometimes when I have three dogs right up against my feet. 

Panda and Gus are becoming great friends. Panda seems exuberantly happy when she's running around outside with Gus. I keep a close eye so they don't get too far away from me before I call her back. She always gets an enthusiastic welcome from me when she comes, so comes back pretty quickly.

She charged one of the horses, barking, her first day here, but the horse charged back at her with striking front feed - and I yelled "no" at her - and she now pays no attention to the horses. She picked the wrong horse to go after. He's huge and the most dominant of all six horses. He doesn't take guff from any other horse or other animal. 

All in all, she's doing great. I play/train her in the house and it helps that the other dogs set an example by responding to the verbal command I'm giving to Panda. All three have to sit just outside the kitchen when I prepare their food twice a day. Once I put the bowls on the kitchen floor, they have to sit and wait until I say "okay" before they can come in and start eating. Panda was a little nervous at first eating near two other dogs and I had to stand there and talk to her to keep her there and eating, but she now gets the routine and knows which bowl is hers.

I also make all the dogs wait when I open the door to go outside or come inside. They have to wait until I invite them in or out. None of these things are a big deal except that they are another way to establish myself as pack leader. The leader controls who eats and when, who goes first, etc. I mostly use positive reinforcement and only get tough (verbally, never hit) if fighting or aggression toward another animal is involved.

I'm going to do more extensive obedience training with Panda and with Gus - heeling on and off the leash (both walking side-by-side on my left), long down-stays, immediate recall, etc. Gus is a great dog, too, and I'd like to be able to take both dogs with me on short trips when the weather is nicer and know they'll be well behaved and have opportunities to get used to lots of strange humans and other dogs around them - and learn to ignore them. Both dogs are smart and want to please. It will be fun. 


Lady & I got back late yesterday evening - she's doing fine. Bumping into things but otherwise fine! She loves her new back yard. She meets Scout later tonight.
She'll go to the vet later this month for some steroid drops & a general overall fitness check.
She loves going for walks. Have taken her for 4 since we got home & she loves them. She doesn't like waking up at 4, though!
Scout will probably slowly turn her into a morning person!

I've taken to calling her "Lady Kate" - she likes the name "Katie," which is fine - so I call her both actually. She seems pretty happy.

Will keep you posted on her making herself at home - I realized today that I haven't heard her bark!

Rocky Update

Oh, we are a team! Everybody likes him, and I take him almost everywhere with me. He loves riding in the van, if the window is open enough, he will do the "high side ride". I took him to a Thanksgiving dinner party, and one of the other guests said "Oh, that's YOUR dog! He's the life of the party! "
I have a class this Saturday in Las Cruces, at the Bernina Sewing Center there, Rocky is going with, so maybe he will be winning hearts there, too.
He does get along great with the other dogs he meets, and he sure likes having his own little yard and porch to guard. A few weeks ago, there was an owl on the next lot, and I was pretty careful about letting him out. He's gutsy, but I don't want him becoming a snack!
Here's another picture of Rocky on his porch. Enjoying that last sunny day. Take care- love, Kris & Rocky. I love making up nicknames for him, and he seems to like it. My favorite "Cocky Rockerson" LOL !!!  

Monday, December 10, 2012

Georgie Update

Life in the suburbia! Georgie in her sweater and bed!

Donna and Jody and fam!

PS: Georgie is a fabulous dog and is so loved by us!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Love hearing from our fans!!

Hi, Laurie!
So embarrassed not to have emailed you sooner. My dad was SO impressed with you and your operation. He was just amazed by your dedication and energy and love for animals.
I have to tell you, every time I go to Fur and Feather I am so gratified to see all of the sweet souls you've saved. But on this last trip to you, I was so struck by how HAPPY every single one of those dogs looked. You can't believe how so very thrilled I was to see January so well-adjusted and so, so happy. I couldn't wait to get back to the shelter to tell Bet about her. She loved all of the pictures we took of January and of all of the dogs. Thank you for saving her life. How's Jo Jo doing? I just love that dog. Your place just exuded serenity and happiness. I was so pleased for you and for all of the blessed animals who live there and what your accomplishments have rendered. What a wonderful feeling I had when I left. Such positive energy you guys give off!!!

Fur and Feather Volunteers at a great fundraiser!!

Today was a really great day. We made $136.13, the .13 came from a little boy who put his change in the donation box, it was so cute.  Pam's ear-warmers and catnip mice were our most popular items.  Nancy made some new holiday scarves and bagged some new treats. People loved Troy's jean tugs and had some funny comments.  The cutest thing though is when a couple shopping for their "baby's" first Christmas bought a tug and a bag of treats - it was precious (baby is a min-pin/chi X).  I think we did really well as traffic was pretty light.  Pam and I painted Christmas gourds while Troy minded the store.  Michaelann and James visited us too. Aunt Troy gave James a catnip  mouse and crinkle toy which he promptly put in his mouth! I was just a really fun day.  Pam and I are going to set-up a few things at the Farmer's Market next Saturday to try to sell more of the holiday things.

I know you had a busy day getting ready for the storm and I hope all is well. Let me know if you need anything.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jackie has been adopted!

Barbara is delighted with Jackie. Barbara says it is like they have always been together. Jackie follows Barbara everywhere. While driving in the car, Jackie can’t figure out where to sit. She jumps from the front to the back to the counsel in the middle and ends up riding shotgun. At least she does not try to ride in Barbara’s lap while driving. Jackie sleeps next to the bed but got cold the other night and jumped up on the bed. Barbara had an old carrier from her cat and had to take the door off so Jackie could use it to sleep in. Barbara will make it warmer. Barbara kept repeating how it was like they have always been together. I told her she picked the right dog. This is a good match for both of them.

In house Artist

One of the beautiful murals done by Sarah Ross at/for Fur and Feather Animal Assistance. The picture includes: Harley, Laurie, Chino, Steve, Crosby, with Tango & Sunny nearer the mural.

Louie Update

Hello everyone!

Here are some photos of Louie, one of them I took a picture of his toys that his grandparents bought for him. The last one seems like he is smiling..

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mandy update

Mandy, our wonder dog, as you know, came to live with us with the hope of her helping and protecting Drake, our almost totally blind German Shepherd Dog. That was the original thought anyway, before being taken in my her natural charm, deceptively innocent-looking, big, dark eyes, and clown-like behavior that makes us laugh so many times a day.
 Today, she proved her value to us and reminded us why we decided to try a Kuvasz in the first place. I sent a picture of her on her perch at the turn of the staircase. That is a favorite spot for her as she can keep a good watch on her wards (us) while dozing some. It makes me think of a guard dog on the hill watching and protecting her sheep. You may have noticed in those pictures that there is no railing on the side of those steps, just a big log that hits adults at thigh height but which makes it extremely dangerous for children and blind dogs. So though Mandy gets to go up there and watch her domain from her perch, Drake does not get to go up there unless an adult is with him to guide him and make sure that he does not tumble down. It is especially dangerous for him due to the fact that the stairs turn at the point where there is no railing.

We have put up barriers to keep him off the steps, but the tenacious and curious GSD that he is waits to find a time when one of us has forgotten to make sure the barrier is complete. Then he takes off upstairs to go check things out there. We obviously have another wonder dog who refuses to let being blind stop him from being who he is and enjoying life. He has taught us many lessons about taking what life hands you and making the best of it and finding joy in life even when it is not perfect.

Today, while I was in the kitchen cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I thought both dogs were safely in the living room. I heard some growls coming from Mandy and finally went to see what was going on figuring she was mad at Drake for having a toy that she wanted or some such. When I walked in the living room, there were no dogs to be found. Mandy growled again and I looked up to find a scene that made my heart stop. Mandy was sitting on the perch she likes so well. It is ten steps up the stairs. And Drake was standing on the same turning step headed straight out towards the empty void. But Mandy was solidly sitting so that she was partially in his way and growling at him to stop what he was doing. Thank God, Drake was listening. I ran up the stairs and got hold of his collar to lead him down while telling Mandy what a good girl she was.

I am still in awe about it. Did she have any idea what she was doing? Has she taken Drake as part of her pack to protect? Is her breeding so strong that she can do this without training from an older Kuvasz? Or was she just upset with Drake for wanting to get past her when she did not want to move? I am believing the first three have affirmative answers but it is still hard to wrap my head around it. It just seems so miraculous that dogs have this in them. That a dog’s centuries of breeding is so strong that they react to situations in a matter that shows that they are able to think such things through on their own ... even without training. But even if I am wrong I am thankful for her actions because they probably saved Drake several broken bones and quite possibly his life.

We have had another instance of her protective nature as well as her thinking things through and making decisions on her own as to what is right and what is not. A few nights ago Andrew had gone out the living room door to put something out on the deck. He shut the door behind him when he came in - he thought. That door can be a real pain to shut and stay latched or locked. A bit later he kept hearing Mandy barking from the living room which is not her usual behavior. When he went to check, he found that that door was standing open about 6-8 inches. Rather than use the opportunity to take a walk- about on her own outside, Mandy alerted Andrew that something was awry in the living room. She was satisfied when he came and shut the door properly.

Aside from the guardian that we have, we also have a helper who will tell me when the kitchen oven timer is beeping if I am not close enough to hear it myself. She gives me a chance to get there but if I do not make it in a reasonable time, she barks to tell me that I need to get to the stove. Just an extra added bonus in our little (well, little compared to Drake) bundle of energy and joy!

Note: Not long after the stair incident, I heard some unhappy dogs in the living room... seems that Drake had a toy that Mandy wanted. Usually Mandy waits and watches for her chance to get a toy that Drake has, then darts in to grab it before he can react. But this time she must have been more aggressive about getting it and he was pissed with her about trying to take it. Growls were made, teeth were bared, and they went at it over that silly toy. Mandy, of course, walked away with it to Drake’s hurt confusion. Though he does not mind showing his masculine, “I am the leader of this pack” chest beating, Mandy has abilities he does not have such as being able to see exactly where something is and dart in and get it before Drake can understand just where she is moving. He knows she will but the blindness keeps him at a disadvantage. Mandy knows this and sometimes uses it against him. In this instance it was almost as if she were saying, “I saved your life, Stupid! Now, give me that damn stuffed pumpkin!” 

Pikachu is ready for adoption

PIKACHU is a purebred Chinese Crested Powder Puff, the kind that has the long flowing hair. He is 1.5 yrs old and he is a wonderful little dog. This guy was purchased from a breeder as a puppy and never treated well but he holds no grudges. Now that he has been relinquished he is looking for his new family that will love him and give him everything he needs. We are getting all his vet work done Dec 4th so he will be available after December 7th. He is very compatible with the other dogs and cats, he is happy to stay right by your side and help out all day long. Another dog as a companion would be a bonus so he can have someone to play with. His adoption fee will be $300.00 and that will include his neuter, vaccinations and a microchip. We are open for interviews now and pictures will follow. This is a beautiful boy and he will make a fantastic companion and family dog.

PUPPIES, PUPPIES & more PUPPIES, and Momma too!

Our lab mix puppies are weaned and ready to go!  We have 2 males, 3 females and they are all just as pretty as can be.  Give Fur & Feather a call @ 575-772-2661 to make an appointment for some cuddling.

The mother, Madonna, is also ready for adoption.  She is about 1.5 yrs old as of Nov 2012, weighs about 50 lbs and she is a beautiful sweet dog. She was abandoned locally full term pregnant so Fur and Feather became her place to give birth. The puppies were 6 wks old on November 25th so they are pretty much weaned. Madonna has been a great mom and she proved over and over how good natured she is.She is good with cats, gets along great with other dogs and is extremely friendly. She will be spayed December 5th and ready to go anytime after the 8th of December. Her adoption fee is $130.00 and that will include her spay, vaccinations, worming and a microchip. This really is a beautiful dog with medium energy and eager to please.

Howdy is ready for adoption

HOWDY is one and a half yrs old going into winter here in 2012. He is about 45 lbs, neutered, vivacious and friendly. This guy just loves to engage in life altogether. He is smart, tries hard to please and has a keen interest in everything going on around him. Howdy does good with other dogs but he is very playful and can get a little overly excited. Some of the older guys get a little impatient with him if he plays too hard. A companion dog would be good for him so he would always have that option to play. Howdy is crate trained but he is so personable it wouldn't be something you would need to do for long. His adoption fee is $130.00 and that includes his neuter, vaccinations and a microchip. This is going to be a great dog, good for a family or as an individual companion.

Chino is ready for adoption

CHINO IS A PUREBRED YELLOW LAB weighing in at 80 lbs. He is an elder, 10+yrs old but you would never know it. He is in perfect health and he runs and plays all day. His dreams for the rest of his life include having his own person or persons to hang out with all the time. He really likes being outside during the day and especially loves playing ball. Chino is very obedient when you want him to do something. This boy is so happy and loving that he will make a wonderful family dog or a companion for an individual. Chino comes neutered, vaccinated and he has a microchip. His adoption fee is only $50.00 to reflect his older age. You will love this dog and the chance to let him live out his days with love and happiness. Great Dog.