Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rhea adopted Jan 2014

 The family wanted a new companion for their Cairn Terrier. Her new name is Sissy. She is fitting in great and has already met a couple of the grandchildren. It is going to be a great match. Thank you

November and December 2013 adoptions & updates

Chica is working out so well that when Lucky goes to heaven in a year or so, I think I'd like another large dog. It's amazing how housebroken she is. I've NEVER been able to fully housebreak a small dog. It's so nice to not have to pick up pee all the time :). We are able to get Chica into bed w/ us, Yay!!!
We will keep you updated on her forever. I like that she is low energy and very low maintenance actually. She likes to sleep all day. I take her outside for 15-20 minutes per day to get some sun and I sit w/ her. Going to take her on short walks to keep her limber. She seems real happy w/ us. 
Monday she's going to the beauty salon for a good bath, nail trim, ear clean, etc. I'm taking her to a good one because I don't want her hurt being lifted into the tub. So, I want REAL professionals on the job. 
She likes her stuffed toys and bones that I got her and her new beds. She doesn't like the steps I bought to get her into bed. So, will probably not use those. She is good w/ the 2 cats and Lucky. She is submissive but looks scary so is a good watch dog

SUKI  - adopted 11/11/13
We are getting along wonderfully. Suki (we are keeping the name since she knows it) is getting along well with the other dogs - she pretty much leaves the old dogs alone and runs with the younger two. We let her out to run with them several times a day. Haven't been letting her out unsupervised yet since she can wiggle under our gate. Still sleeping in the house at night, but not shut in her kennel. You'd be amazed at how much calmer she is. She actually walks now! And lays down by our chairs. Did you know she retrieves? She'll bring her squeaky toy back, and back, and back to be thrown again. Still follows the cats around trying to get them to run (which they won't). It is amazing how she and the big Catahoula have such similar quirks, like lying on their backs to have their belly rubs. And knowing when to stop playing before they get too wound up.

Oakley -Just got home a little while ago - and she immediately took to her new bed and is fast asleep. She's like me - on the way home she didn't want to miss anything - she sat up and looked out the window almost the whole time. You saw us with her first time throwing up - then twice more before we got to Socorro. I changed the bedding each time - it was pretty good by the time we got here. But I have no doubt she will adjust to car travel - I'll take her on little trips to the town parks and then on longer and longer ones.
I didn't stop and see friends because it was getting later and later - of course I had to stop for pie before I got on the road.  Tomorrow several will come to meet her. And she will see her new digs in the daylight.
But we are already bonded - definitely a match made in heaven.
Thank you, thank you!

Cassie -was adopted and moved to Albuquerque.  She will be a companion for an adorable five month old puppy that is part Boxer and part Dalmation but is deaf.  She also now has a 9 year old little girl to love.  We think Cassie will be good at being companion to the puppy.

PeeWee - adopted Dec 7, 2013  She now has a new mom and furry friend named Penny.
We got home a little while ago.   Finally, north of Socorro, she curled up in the red bed and slept the rest of the way home.   At home she was pretty disoriented and would not pee or settle.   I left her alone, then I fed both dogs and again left her alone (in the kitchen with us).   She finally went over to Grace's bed and settled in.   Soon the soft sounds of snoring could be heard.   She enjoyed a rawhide, and she is still resting.

ELSIE - adopted Dec 2013
We got home and got her a new bed (memory foam) that Elsie quickly adopted as her own and keeps all of her toys on it with her.  She’s been very methodical about checking out her new surroundings and exploring everything both inside and outside.  Elsie is already very close to both Julie and her sister Jessica and does not leave their side.  If they are not around, then she will follow me or Veronica around, but hasn’t quite figured us out yet.  I know that it’s only a matter of time before she’s comfortable with us as she is with our children.
It was actually quite funny last night, as she was exploring the kitchen, she came around the kitchen table and caught her reflection in the sliding glass door and responded with a very deep WOOF  (first sound that I have heard from her).
She had a very good night last night sleeping in her new bed next to Julie’s bed and as predicted, got up and did her business outside in the morning..
Elsie has quickly become a part of our family and we cannot thank you enough.  She is such a beautiful dog and truly just what we were looking for in a new member of our family.
Julie really enjoyed our trip to Pie Town to visit meet all of you, visit with the dogs, and bring Elsie home with us.  I appreciate the work that you do and found it well worth the trip.
I will keep you up to date on Elsie’s progress.

Gi Gi was adopted and went to live in Belen with Chica.  That makes one rather large and one very small furry friend for Dawn and Jose.   The two dogs knew each other when Chica was adopted and were very happy to be back together when  Gi Gi arrived.  Things seem to be going great for them.