Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Joleen was adopted on 25 Sep 2012, here's our first update from Dusty:

  It went really well last night. She sleep at the foot of my bed all night. She also got acquainted with my dads dogs and my baby brother. She didn't know what to think about the baby.  
Since I left yesterday she hasn't left my side! Thank you all very much!


Bailey arrived yesterday, what a sweetheart! Gotta love that face. She's not ready for adoption yet, but keep watching for her updates.

SALLY ADOPTED Sept 15, 2012

Sally, a Chihuahua mix, was adopted by Jeanie. Jeanie also found Sally on the internet. When Jeanie called to tell us she wanted to come meet Sally, she had already purchased a bed for the house and a bed for riding in the car. Jeanie also showed up with a really cute toy for Sally. The other dogs wandering around wanted to play with the toy but this one is Sally’s. Sally is another dog that has been with us for a couple of years and she is now going to be Jeanie’s lap dog and have a wonderful life.

Here's the first update from Sally:
Just a quick update on my new home.  I get to be on the couch with a special bed and my lamb chop toy.  I feel like a princess because I'm also watching TV and having a "good girl" treat sometimes.  Last night I got to sleep in the big people bed with another special bed, blanket and toy.  None of the clothes fit me, but we get to go shopping for a new cloth leash and a couple of sweaters and jackets.  I think I'm going to like it here.
We're sorry we had to leave so quickly yesterday, but Jeanie felt bad with a headache.  I'm helping her by making her feel comfortable when I snuggle next to her.
Thank you for everything and tell all my friends, animal and people, hello for me.
Love, Sally 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Charlene, an American Bull Dog was adopted and moved to Albuquerque. Kimberly said that the picture of Charlene sitting in a swimming pool was the clincher. Lately we have had a bunch of adoptions where the person fell in love with the internet picture of the dog. Then when the person shows up the love is mutual. We are so happy for both Kimberly and Charlene.

SHILOH ADOPTED Sept 14, 2012

Shiloh, the Black and Tan Coon Hound, was adopted by Gerald and Bethane. They called to say one of the dogs they adopted years ago had changed worlds. They still have a small dog they adopted from us but wanted another one. When Laurie told Bethane about Shiloh, Bethane was delighted because shehad been raised with Black and Tan Coon Hounds. This is wonderful because she knows and loves the breed. The first report was that all was going well.

Friday, September 21, 2012

SHEENA ADOPTED Monday, Sept 10, 2012

Sheena, the black Chow mix, was adopted by Karen. Karen had adopted another large dog several years ago. Now that dog has changed worlds and Karen wanted a new companion. Things seem to be working out. You can see by the picture of Sheena in the car with Karen how happy Sheena is. Sheena had been with us for a few years and we are delighted that she now has her own family.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


These three friendly dogs were left behind when their person got severely ill and now can’t return home. John and Ruth, my neighbors in our subdivision realized the dogs had been left behind and started giving them food and water. We asked Laurie to take them but Laurie needed a new pen and with the help of some other neighbors the new pen was put up. They settled in rather quickly, greeting dogs through the fence and making themselves at home. Two of them need surgery and they all need vaccinations, but otherwise they are in good health. They are 7, 8 and 12 years old so it isn’t likely they will get adopted. The owner is grateful that FFAA took in his three precious companions.


Howard is a pedigree Cocker Spaniel that had a sad story. Kathleen spotted him and rescued him from a county shelter. He was so delighted when Kathleen finally managed to bring him home with her. She got him groomed (he was a mess) and kept him over night. Then Kathleen brought Howard to Socorro and our Deb brought him to FFAA. Look at the smile on his face. He went from hours away from being put down to being a free time dog at FFAA. What a delightful, senior dog.

Ben adoption & recent update

Ben is a 100 pound black Labrador mix.
He's really made himself at home. We will leave the name the same and we are calling him BB. He and Aussie hit it off and Sienna growls. She'll make up later. Ray and Kathy

Ben aka BB is the large black Labrador. Here are some comments by his family. He's got so much energy. He likes to go with Ray to fix fence,etc, but tires soon and returns to the house. He's a happy dog. He's learning (slowly) down and stay. We love him. Kathy Another update: Ray and BB are doing great. We kept him tied the first night and he has been untied since then. The 140 acres seem to be adequate to keep him entertained. He is a very happy dog. Kathy 

Big John - Update

Second update: Hi Laurie, John is doing great. He makes a few circles around our property each day, he has found the spring by our house and gets his feet wet a few times a day. He was playing with Web (the father) and the other dogs this morning, he barked when Kaitlyn left on the bus, I think maybe he thought it swallowed her up. He goes with Kaitlyn whenever she goes to check on her chickens and horse. Web and I are going for a ride this morning to see how he likes that. So far he has been sleeping out on the grass. He seems very happy!!! Shani

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Duchess changed worlds recently. Laurie took her to the veterinarian but she couldn’t be saved. This is what Laurie said after the trip to the veterinarian. “She twisted an intestine last night. It's a sad day. I really loved that girl.”
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge 9-12-2012

A very special older German Shepherd
came into our lives a couple of months ago,
there was a wisdom and a deep inner knowing
that oozed from her soul.
We will never know where she began and how her life
was lived prior to arriving at Fur and Feather.

In spite of that she had a pride and elegance about her
that allowed you to understand
what a regal and wonderful dog she was.
We thank you for coming our way in your
journey Duchess-God Speed
You won’t be forgotten.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Blue, the Beagle Australian Shepherd mix, has moved to Clifton, Arizona with Becky. Becky brought her therapy dog with her and Duke and Blue seemed to get along just fine. Becky and Blue and Duke stayed in a hotel in Quemado before making the long drive home. It looks like she got rested up and then took off. Becky parks on one side of railroad tracks and then walks to her place. Here’s what she has emailed us:
We left the motel around 2 a.m. and drove slowly home. Saw 10 elk cows and one majestic bull elk. It took my breath away. Blue went right across the RR bridge this morning going between the rail and a parallel tie. He spreads his paws out like Duke. After stopping to sniff he followed right after Duke/ very brave little fellow. He loved the walk into the ranch and ate grass along the way. I am glad Duke has a friend now. Me too.
Sept 10, update: God willing and if the "creek don't rise" Blue has a permanent home with me. On the ride down when Duke wasn't putting his head by me on the console between the seats, there was Blue with his front paws looking at the driver's view. What a cuyry and he bonded with Jeusu although he seems a bit cautious. Soxy, my oldest horse, was curious, but no bites or barks.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is Patrice. He is very old, one of the cats that Red brought from Red River. He is a pure blue. Fancy has the gold flecks and the split line down her face with tan and grey. Patrice is also pretty big:-)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big John adopted

They want Big John to go along on horse riding trips.  Looks like he's going to be having lots of fun & excercise!!  Keep checking back for updates.