Monday, August 27, 2012


We had a surprise adoption Saturday. Pamela called from Albuquerque very excited about him. She drove out Saturday afternoon, met him and took him home. She loves hounds and likes the way they howl. We need more hound families because we still have two more to get adopted. This is wonderful for that beautiful puppy.

Here are the first two updates:

1. Hi. Yogi Berra had a great night. My husband named him. He slept in bed all night. He's yet to make a peep and all the dogs like him.
Thank you. Pamela and family

2. It would be great to post Yogi Berra Zunno’s story.

As you can see by the first picture he’s an easy going puppy enjoying the bumpy ride home to Albuquerque.

As soon as he hit the patio he had to take a small rest.

When dinner came he instantly raised his nose. MMMM

After dinner it was time to play with the family, well most of them Ruby the Old One sat on the side like a mother hen. (Is he behaving?)

When it was time for bed he knew exactly how to mess up the bed just right for a perfect sleep with Ruby watching over him.

Sweet dreams in his new home where he found lots of love and still a family waiting for him to sing his roo.

Hope you like it.


  FFAA needed to accept three dogs that had been abandoned here in Pie Town when the man that had them got quite sick.  He is out of state now and won’t be able to return.   We got some donations and purchased some of the supplies and then some friends came and put the fence up over two days.  The first day they put in the corner and gate posts in cement and the t-posts.  Then they came back and put up the fencing and the gate.  We need to bury chicken wire around the inside perimeter of the fence to keep the dogs from digging out before we pick up the three dogs.  We want to thank, John and Ruth who have been caring for the three dogs and donated  some wire and boards from the owner’s place, David, Terry, Tommy and Shawn as well as my husband, Ken, for doing all the labor.  Here are a couple of pictures of the process.  You can see that it was raining by the picture of Ken in a yellow poncho.  It hadn’t rained in three days but of course we got a heavy shower.  They had a snack at lunch time and then went back to work. 
(This post was provided by Sharon Bostick)



Friday, August 24, 2012

Ringo aka Cody Update

Cody came exactly as advertised!!! He has stayed right beside me most of the time, and we are actually happy to see him beginning to branch out a little. Sleeps under our bed, enjoys being right beside me on the couch. We have been to the Vet and had a grooming. All went well! The funniest thing ever: Sugar and Cody pretty much spent 4 days doing a great job of ignoring each other. No problems no anger no nothing. Yesterday morning at 6 am Larry and I heard a scuffling and lo and behold it was as though they had just noticed each other and were delighted! They played for several minutes jumping around with each other. My only regret is that they picked 6 am to do it--but it was a very welcome event! Since then they have played several times a day, and are enjoying each other about 5 feet away as I write this. Larry has taken them for walks and Cody does great on the leash too. No accidents at all in the house, but Cody has to figure out that the patio isn't where to go......All that will work out! I am sending you another picture of after his grooming. Barb (the groomer) said he was perfect, even let her trim between his toes and grind his nails. Never moved. (Oh by the way, I have been talking you guys up again. The groomer's name is Barb. She rescued a dog awhile ago who tends to run off. Says she thinks Duke needs a companion. She will be calling. ) Also I took pictures of Honey and Rustler up to my neighbors who have their name on a Golden Retriever puppy list but they seemed interested in rescue.....I'll keep working on it!
Note, this family adopted Sugar from FFAA about a year ago. Cody was smart enough to go slow with Sugar it was interesting to watch. They slept together cuddling up last night. Thanks again for sharing him with us. Now we have two dogs that amaze people with their behavior and looks, they are envious. Cheyrl is encouraging everyone to go to your web site or call. Just yesterday she invited neighbors over to show her your website, she was not into computers so Cheyrl help. Larry and Cheyrl

Chipper Update

Chipper is doing great! We finally figured out why he wouldn't eat. I came home from work yesterday and saw that his bowl was still full. I was distressed until, when I opened the back door to let him out side, Chipper picked up the whole bowl and without spilling a single kibble took it outside, put it in the middle of the yard, and ate the whole thing! He just likes to eat now we feed him on the porch and he does just fine. Silly guy! He is so smart...never has to be told twice to do (or not do) anything. Taking lots of walks and he is meeting all the dogs in the neighborhood. Gonna try some off-leash dog parks in Albuquerque soon....I think he will love it. We are always glad to talk about Chipper....its like bragging about your kids. God bless. As ever, Bonnie 

Hopper Update

Hopper is doing wonderful!!! She had a very busy day yesterday playing with the neighbor dogs & showing off on their agility equipment. My neighbor fell in love with Hopper & could not believe what a natural she was at agility. She called me later with a couple of trainers in Chandler we may look into. After playing we went to the groomer, the little gal that took care of her said she was great & even wrote on her file card “Very good dog”. Later in the day she had a “well check-up” & passed with flying colors! She is just so much fun, so full of life & loves her toys especially the squeaky ones. Don has been gone for a few days returning tomorrow. It will be great to have him back for many reasons but it will be nice to have someone else for Hopper to play with as she has endless energy, one of the many things we love about her. I got her a fleece mat that she sleeps on next to my side of the bed she patiently waits for me to wake up but once she sees my eyes open she is ready to go. We already cannot imagine our lives without her & consider her a very special addition to our family. Thank you! Blessings, Cynthia

Sadie Update

I do believe I have found the perfect dog! Sadie has been such a joy and I think she is not only " over the moon" happy with me, but with her new house and bed all her own too! : ) And I was really surprised she became a watchdog so soon! When she barks, you notice, : )! She backed off when I told her and did make up with my friends so that was good. I do believe she has "Bonded!" : ) Yesterday, was Church day and I put Sadie in the kennel with a treat. As I was pulling out, she was sitting down just watching. When I came home, she came out of the dog house and barked once to say "Hello!" Not at all upset, just a joy to see. And just sleeping like a lunk while the thunder storms go thru..........just another joy! All in all, I do believe we make an awesome match. Thanks so very much for everything. Happy Tails, Gale & Sadie

Sunday, August 19, 2012


(adopted 4 Aug 2012)
If you didn’t know her, you almost would not recognize Sugar. We are amazed and encouraged by her steady progress. She wants to be around us, following us from room to room. She still tends to walk away from us occasionally, but will come when we call her and loves to be petted. At first, if we tried to 1st pet her on her head, she would walk away, but now she lets us pet her all over. She likes to be on the deck and is very curious about what is going on around her. Seeing her greet us with tail wagging enthusiastically in the morning or when we come home from errands makes our day. She also likes to be brushed, and I talked to our old groomer this morning about cutting her hair and getting rid of the mats. We both agreed it might take several trips, and we won’t do anything until we think she is ready.

Cassie arrives


Cassie came from Albuquerque. She is 10 months old and adorable. She is deaf—we have several deaf dogs. She is adorable—looks almost white and looks albino with blue eyes. She is getting along with the other dogs in our pack. We already have a Crystal so her new name is now Cassie.

Ringo is adopted

Ringo aka /Cody Adopted 08/18/12
Ringo has been here a few years too. Laurie considered him one of her personal dogs. However, lately she and Brad decided that Ringo needs a bigger life with his own family. Laurie didn’t list Ringo for adoption but was waiting for the perfect family for him. Larry and Cheyrl adopted another dog from us about a year ago and we knew they would be great for Ringo. Sounds like he agrees. 

Here is their update.
I don't know how it could have gone any better! Both dogs on the way home were perfect. Ringo (soon to be Cody we think) (or Sir Wagstaff "Wags") laid right beside me. The only thing that worried me at all was that he never went to the bathroom--even when we got home and I took him outside 4 times. But, I made a little bed at the foot of ours on a pillow and we were so exhausted we went to bed at 9. At 7 In the morning he was laying exactly where we left him. He has not barked yet. Sugar is showing signs of wondering what the heck is going on! Dogs are so intuitive, we have never had a dog come here that Sugar didn't greet and run around enthusiastically to play--when we came in with Ringo she turned away and went outside. No greeting at all! But They are slowly noticing each other. Right now I'm watching Larry talking to both dogs and Sugar's tail is wagging like crazy. Not worried at all about them taking to each other. Ringo (Cody) is so gentle and kind. It's just the first time I've ever known Sugar to show any jealousy (nothing aggressive, just clingy to Larry--take a look at that picture! )
But just in case you were wondering: I feel like we hit the lottery--perhaps it IS possible to have 2 perfect dogs! Cheyrl and Larry
p.s. I am going to try to find homes for Honey and Rustler. I fell for both of them too!

Note, Cynthia and Don rode to FFAA with Larry and Cheyrl. Therefore there were four adults and two dogs on the way home. Good news is that Hopper and Ringo/Cody are small dogs.

Chipper is adopted

Chipper Adopted 08/18/12
Chipper has been here for a few years too. When we would do an adoption he would look at me and I would have to tell him it wasn’t his turn yet but we were working on it. If I was in his pen and sitting down he would put his paws on my knees and tell me he just wants to be a lap dog. Such a sweet boy he is. He even has an 11 year old boy to play with. See, there is a home for all our furry friends. Let’s keep those adoptions coming!!!

Here is the first update:
We made it home just fine. Once Chipper found out he couldn't sit in my lap while I drove, he settled down very well. He seems to be settling in here very well. Has had no problems going outside when he needs to and loved taking a long walk this morning. We put him in the crate for a couple hours when we went to church today and he had no problems with that either. In a couple weeks, when I know his behavior a little better, we probably won't use the crate at all. I can't believe how affectionate this guy is! He is so smart and fun! I think we really made the right choice for our small family. Thanks so much for all your help. God bless. As ever, Bonnie  

Hopper is adopted

Hopper Adopted 08/18/12

Laurie wasn’t expecting this adoption to happen but when Cynthia and Don saw Hopper they wanted her. Hopper always made Laurie laugh each day and will be missed but this is great news for Hopper. Cynthia and Don had seen about 80 dogs and none of them stood out. Then Hopper came bounding up and into their lives. They’ve had Pomeranians before.
Here's her update:
Oh Laurie she is AMAZING!!! We took her for a walk, brushed & bathed her, which she seemed to love. She slept next 2 my side of the bed & got Don up around 6. I'm going 2 get her toys & a bed later 2 day. She seems 2 b very happy playing with us but I'm going 2 try play dates with our neighbors dogs. We r going 2 keep her name because it is TOO perfect just like her!!! U ladies r wonderful thx 4 all u do 4 God's precious creatures. Blessings... Sent from my iPhone

Sadie is adopted


Sadie has been at FFAA for a couple of years. We are so happy for her. She is one special girl.

Here is her first update:
Trip went really well. Actually I figured out that Sadie didn't like to move while the truck was moving. : ) At one point her front legs slid off the here she sat with her butt on the seat and standing on the front legs with her head resting on the console. We stopped at Reserve for gas and to let her out. Didn't do anything or drink but was ready to get back in the truck. Let her in the other side this time and she when in on the floor and walked over to the center hump and jumped up to the seat. Was much more comfortable this way!
Then going down Mule Creek she slide her butt off this time and was in reverse situation. : ) When I was able to pull over, she jumped back up. All the rest was smooth sailing. : )
When I got home, she checked out the yard while I fed my horse. Then we went in and was greeted by a surprised kitty but Sadie ignored her and all went well. Took to her doggie bed right away. Also, went upstairs well and all went well thru the night. Think we were all just tired out! : )
I haven't seen her drink yet and only ate a few pieces of dog food, but sure having the shot yesterday on top of the move was a lot to adjust to! All in all, we are all enjoying each other and feel I have made the right choice.
Well, I'll send this off and check your e-mails that just came in.
Sadie says Hi and no way is she coming back! : ) P.S. Ever see Sadie smile? I've never seen one so big! : )
Gale, Sadie, Bibs and Stormy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We are in mourning today because Mosley changed worlds last night, 14 August 2012 about 10:00 pm. He had inoperable cancer and went down hill quickly. He was on medication and was comfortable in his own bed. Even though we feel sad we want to celebrate Mosley. Mosley leaving hurts a little more because he was only five years old. I have been crying while writing this email but now I will think of Mosley with happiness. It is easier to say goodbye when our senior animals leave. We are always grateful that we could give them months or years of a good, happy, loving life while staying here at FFAA.

Mosley had a tough start in life but had a good life with Brad and Laurie. He loved to ride in the car. Mosley was special and always tried to do the right thing. He was one of the free time dogs so would greet visitors. We’ll miss you Mosley but we know that you are happy and running around having a good time in spirit. I got the picture of him resting in a large feeding bowl in March 2010. It was a chilly day and must have felt good to be in that bowl in the sun. We love you Mosley. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sugar Update


If you didn’t know her, you almost would not recognize Sugar. We are amazed and encouraged by her steady progress. She wants to be around us, following us from room to room. She still tends to walk away from us occasionally, but will come when we call her and loves to be petted. At first, if we tried to 1st  pet her on her head, she would walk away, but now she lets us pet her all over. She likes to be on the deck and is very curious about what is going on around her. Seeing her greet us with tail wagging enthusiastically in the morning or when we come home from errands makes our day. She also likes to be brushed, and I talked to our old groomer this morning about cutting her hair and getting rid of the mats. We both agreed it might take several trips, and we won’t do anything until we think she is ready. 

The attached picture speaks volumes.

We hope all is going well at Fur and Feather and remain so grateful to you, Sharon and Rhea.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trooper Update

We received this update and photo this week, Trooper sure looks like a happy, happy dog!!!
Dear Laurie,
thank you so much for your email. I attached some pictures of Trooper. Everyone who sees them and meets Trooper says he looks like a very happy dog! He is doing great without a leash outside and loves playing with the neighbor's dog. He naps on our bed during the day and sleeps on the couch next to our bed at night. We are definitely keeping his name as it fits him just perfectly and he listens to it great. Casey managed to teach him how to shake in just a couple of days! He is so smart and willing to learn! He doesn't play with any of the toys, but loves being around the neighbor's dog and wags his tail every time we call him or someone comes over that he knows is welcome here.

As for the Cat... Of course we would love to come out to look at some next week. We are not rushing it and want to make sure that we can find a perfect match for Casey as we did with Trooper. We would like a younger cat if possible. She or he (that doesn't matter) will be an indoor cat only. Casey would like a cat with black, white or both, but in the end that isn't a deciding factor. Of course he or she needs to be getting along with Trooper and love to cuddle with Casey. The Cat will be sleeping in Casey's room and she is very affectionate as you know.
We would have time on tuesday or wednesday next week. Just name a time that would be good for you! Of course we will bring Trooper with us, so he can visit you and his friends! :)

Thank you again for everything and we are looking forward to hear from you and see you next week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sugar Update

I received the following email from Susan and Jack, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!  I'm including just a few of the pictures, Sugar (Frosty) sure does look happy.  

Jack and I took a bunch of pictures of Sugar today, and I am forwarding 10 of the best a few at a time. I’m sure this is more than you want, but we had difficulty deciding which to send since Sugar is so photogenic. We will leave it up to you as to which to put on the website if you still want to. Below is an account of our experience. Obviously, I couldn’t write it in just a few words, so if you still want to use it on the website, feel free to edit.

We feel so fortunate and blessed, really, to have found Sugar, formerly known as Frosty. Our miniature schnauzer, Sally, died last September, and at that time we were sure we would never get another dog since it is so hard to have to go through losing one, and if we did get one, we agreed to wait a year to see how we still felt. Slowly, as it became apparent that we did want another dog, we began researching breeds and rescue shelters. The one thing we were sure of was that we wanted to rescue the dog. For several weeks we looked on the internet at a countless number of dogs and visited several shelters in NM. Finally, we found the website for Fur and Feather. I contacted Laurie, who spent almost 30 minutes on the phone with me asking me all the right questions about what we wanted in a dog and telling me about the shelter. I really can’t explain it, but, after talking with Laurie, I had the “meant to be” feeling about visiting the shelter and was excited about meeting the dogs. Laurie, Sharon, and Rhea met us, as did many of the dogs. We were truly royally greeted!
Based on our phone conversation, Laurie picked out at least 7 dogs she thought we would be interested in, and Jack and I had picked out several we particularly wanted to see. After spending two hours there meeting and getting to know many different dogs, we adopted Sugar, a very timid, shy, cautious Australian Shepherd mix who, from all appearances has been abused. She was one of the dogs we especially wanted to meet. We have had her for four days now, and yes, she is still very shy and unsure of us, but we are making lots of progress. She now wags her tail at us, is glad to see us every morning, leads us back to the house after a walk, knows her new name, and is getting braver each day.

We already love her very much and believe that one day, with love and attention and with gentle handling and patience, she will trust us and know that she is truly home for good.
Thank you for your interest,
Susan and Jack Shirey

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Frosty is adopted

Frosty got adopted today and moved to a town near Alamagordo. This couple is wonderful. We need more like them. They are prepared to give Frosty the attention she needs so she will open up. She is still shy but they already love her.  They took the time to let all the dogs charm them but Frosty is the one.  

Frosty aka Sugar

Here's a short update:

What a great day! We got to meet incredible dogs at a wonderful home with caring, loving people. Add to that the fact that we feel we adopted a terrific, beautiful dog. After brainstorming at least 50 possible names, we decided to name her Sugar because that is how sweet she is.

She rides great in the car and eventually snuggled up to me. Finally, we really were sharing the same seat! She still is shy, but did eat some supper and drank a good amount of water. Jack took her out for several walks, and I look forward to tomorrow when it will be light and we can stroll around more.

Right now it is 11:00 and all is quiet in the house. Sugar is bedded down, and we love her very much. Thank you all again for answering all our questions; you were such a big help in the decision. A big thanks for all the pictures. We will forward them to our daughter, who is as excited as we are. We will send you some of ours as soon as we take some.