Sunday, August 25, 2013

Henry was adopted

HENRY ADOPTED AUG 24, 2013  The picture taken on the leash is just before he left and the others are from Craig.  Henry now has Craig plus another dog and a cat as companions.

Thank you for sharing the photos. They look great! Thank you both, as well, for inviting me to Fur and Feather Animal Assistance. I couldn't resist keeping an eye on Stewart that was following me out of the property. We made it home safely, as did the pies!  (Craig bought two pies at the Pie O Neer) I've attached a few photos - one from the trip home and the other, just after Henry entered my back yard, and, his newfound home on the couch. I tried once removing him, but couldn't resist his cuteness after going there a second time. Hey, he had a long day. haha     I will be in touch next week, with an up date of how things are progressing.

Thank you!     Craig

Sherpa Update

SHERPA UPDATE  (Sherpa is the black Shepherd)

Hi there! We adopted Sherpa two winters ago and just wanted to send an update. She is such a happy girl these days! Had become an excellent ball fetcher, loves the water and her best friend Rommel. If one is outside away from the other for only an hour they get sooooo excited when they see each other again :) she is the cutest locust dog and we love her sooo much. Thank again and thank you for the hard work that you all do!  
Devin and  Brandon 

Valentina & AKC Companion Animal Recovery program

Most of you know FFAA works with the American Kennel Club and their Companion Animal Recovery program (AKC CAR).  We enroll all the tags on our animals—even those that already have a microchip when they arrive here—with AKC CAR.    In the past, we have had several dogs lost and found and returned to the family quickly. 
Here is a great story about a dog being lost and found today.    It turns out that Valentina decided to go for a walk and went to the neighbor’s yard.  When the neighbor spotted Valentina in his back yard, he let her in the house and she immediately jumped on the couch and into his lap.   He is new to the neighborhood and didn’t know Valentina.  He read the 800 phone number for AKC CAR on Valentina’s yellow identification tag and called them immediately.  They telephoned Laurie and she asked me to follow up.  I got out Valentina’s family’s contact information and I called both the gentleman that had Valentina and the the family.  It turned out she was right next door and returned immediately.  Such a happy ending for everyone.
I’m sending this to encourage everyone to implant a microchip in their animals and if you do it through us to be certain to give us updated contact information whenever there is a change.  Also, make sure that the animal wears their yellow id tag.  Of course, an animal can be scanned any time but in this case that wasn’t necessary because the gentleman just read the phone number and her microchip number on her tag.

This is a day to celebrate!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Open House 14 Sep 2013

Saturday, September 14 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Fur and Feather will be holding an Open House at our sanctuary in Pie Town.
The public is invited to come out and learn about our rescue mission and rehabilitation efforts for abused and unwanted animals.
Meet our rescued dogs and cats ready to be adopted and have some fun!
There will be refreshments, a craft table and give-a-ways.
For directions email us at or call 575-772-2661
Pet food, cat litter and monetary donations are always welcomed.
Fur and Feather Animal Assistance is a 501(c)(3) charity.
While in Pie Town, you may want to stop in at the Pie Festival which is also on September 14. It starts in the morning and runs until some time in the afternoon.
There will be lots of vendors, lots of food and especially home made pie.  Both of our restaurants will be open that day.
There are pie eating contests for children and adults. There are games for children and even a Horn Toad race. There will probably be horse shoe games.
We always elect a Pie Festival Pie Queen. In the evening, there is usually a dance. During the dance, they auction off the pie contest winning pies.

Rubio is adopted

Rubio was adopted and has moved to Santa Fe. 
 It seems like a good match.  Check back for updates!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lulu is adopted

Lulu was adopted August 10th and has moved to Colorado.  Check back for updates.

Johnny Update August 2013

Things are going great with Johnny after almost a month. He has adapted 100% and seems to love it here in the southern part of the state. We go out every morning and some evenings to run & play. Sunday, Lulu & I took Johnny to the Rio Grande near Anthony. He immediately jumped in and went to the other side (about 300 yards). Well we couldn't let him have all the fun so we also walked across to the other side (the river is bone dry this time of the year). There is a bike & walking trail along the river and we walked, Johnny ran, (figure 8's) for about a mile, then returned. He was ecstatic to run into the high green grass along side the trail and to explore this area. As with most dogs, he would run out ahead of us, then check back then head out again. Good exercise for us all! He has decided he is my shadow. He follows me around everywhere I go. When I'm at the computer, as now, he is laying at my feet under the computer table. He likes to get in my lap when I'm relaxing in my recliner, stretch out and go to sleep. He reminds me of my cats from a long time ago, except he is 40 pounds heavier. I think it's great!
Johnny checked in at the vet at 47.5 lbs. I am hoping to get his weight up to about 50. I want to have him build some more muscle mass in his hind end. I'm sure with all the exercise it will happen soon.

Best Regards,    Bob, Lulu & Johnny

Lost Dog reunited with her family

Here is a good story with a happy ending.  Someone here in northern Catron County contacted Laurie about a beautiful German Shepherd that was found and seemed to be lost.  When we got her she didn’t look like she had been lost for very long so we were hoping to get her reunited with her family.  We didn’t get any word until today.  The family didn’t think there was a chance of finding her and had not put out any signs about her being missing.  Finally  they found out that Isabel was at FFAA and contacted Laurie.  They picked Isabel up today(7 Aug 2013).   Isabel was delighted to see her family.   It is such a joy to have a happy ending.

Johnny Updates for July


We introduced Johnny to a bath this morning. He wasn't quite sure about this thing, but, he finally made it through. Then he immediately went out to the back 40 to take a doggy bath in the dirt. Went out later to get some more food for him. he is adapting very very well to his new surroundings. He is an incredible dog. Really impressed and quite very happy. I'm especially happy with the way he takes to Lulu -- this is GREAT! Early afternoon we all went for a stroll around the neighborhood.

I will keep Johnny close around & in the house and on a leash for some time till he gets fully and completely adapted to his new environment. No problem in the back yard as it is well fenced. In addition to the rock wall I installed cattle panels to keep Rex from jumping over the wall in the beginning. Johnny, however, seems to sense that this is his new life. He appears (I know it's only been 1 day) to be adapting quickly and well. I am just so impressed with him and can't thank all of you enough for raising such a wonderful animal.

I will try to write more next week and include some pictures of his new surroundings.

Best Wishes For Now,                Regards,     Bob

Tuesday July 23, 2013

Four days and all is going fantastic. What a marvelous dog you raised in Johnny. He has taken to being an indoor/outdoor, but mostly indoor house dog. He has been doing great & much surpassing any expectations we could have had for a dog. I am so very much impressed. I think Johnny feels the same towards us. He has adapted well and seems very very happy.

Took him out this morning to one of the irrigation canals near the Rio Grande and we were able to go without the leash. I thought it would take another week or so, however, he told me this morning he was ready! He enjoyed running and exploring along the canal. Even taking a dip or two. I was beginning to think he didn't like water after the bathing experience on Saturday. However, he showed me wrong, he showed me he was as much a dog as any dog -- enjoying a cool dip in the well pumped water running in the canal at this time of the year. He knows and responds very well to his name. I had only a very slight hesitation to let him run, but he came back quickly when called. I then knew he was ready to expand his universe.

After his run this morning we went to the feed store to stock up on dog food and I saw a squeaky dog toy. Bought it for him -- he loves it! He has been attacking it all afternoon. He really likes to make it squeaks. I knew he was ready for a toy when I saw him this past Saturday. He found a mouse in the house and attacked it & played with it -- I only wish it hadn't been from the computer!

He stays by me all day. At present I am at my computer writing to you. Johnny is under the computer table sleeping at my feet. I noticed last Friday at your place he liked to go under the bed. Well he likes it here as well. Rex used to live under the bed, I have it slightly elevated to allow this to happen. Johnny now has decided that he likes being beneath the bed. I put back the rug I had under the bed when I had Rex. Now it's a bit more comfortable for him and easier for me to maintain. During the night he still prefers to sleep on his special blanket on the floor over by the TV. He sleeps well all night and seems to wake up about 4 or 5 in the morning. Not a problem as I am an early riser also.

My camera battery gave out on me this morning and needed to be recharged so consequently I don't have the pictures I promised. Should have some next time I write. He is so cute and I love when he experiences something new. His half folded ears pull forward and he gets this very cute inquisitive look on his face. He seems to love everything. I am so happy to have him but realize that he was the same when he was with you. All I can say is thank you so very much for raising such a wonderful dog from that tiny puppy. Please know he will have a wonderful life and experience (for us both) here in Las Cruces.

Best Wishes & Regards,
July 29, 2013

Just a quick update for Johnny.

He is doing very very well. He is adapting well and loves being a house dog. He does have something about 4 AM in the morning -- he feels that is the time for all of us to get up, go out and play -- UG! It starts as a gentle nuzzle or lick of my hand, then it becomes verbal and if I still don't respond it goes to a full bark, but only one! What a card he is! He has also become a real lap dog and I am reminded of your writing about putting him on your shoulder when he was little. When I sit down in my recliner he is quick to ask permission if he can join me and the answer is usually yes. He then jumps up on my lap proceeds to get as comfortable as possible and goes to sleep.

We are going out every day and he is now enjoying being able to run around the fields near the house as we walk. All the time checking back with me then going on to explore more things, then checking back again. He was so happy Sunday, he was running, at close to top speed, very large circles around Lulu & myself as we walked in a pecan orchard near the house. Then there's the grazing! He loves to graze on the grass. Fortunately I have a large patch in the back yard for him. Then there's the canal & ditch water when he gets hot -- could he possible be part sheep & part alligator?

By For Now,  Bob, Lulu & Johnny

Scooter Update


Scooter and I are getting along fabulously, enjoying the summer. He is so well behaved, lots of fun, and everyone just loves him. He's got "treasures" buried in the yard already which he checks on every morning. He is so patient with me while I'm working my long shift and is ready for our cuddle time when I'm done. He loves our car trips, morning walks, and I'm so happy he is part of my family and household.

Thanks again for bringing us together! Maggie



He gets anxious when we try to walk Dougie separately, or when he knows I've gone out to walk the neighbor dog. I have to get the leash out of the closet. That's what alerts him. However, when we are at home, either both or just one of us, he is quite content to just relax. He likes to play in the morning, and tries different ways to entice us. We get such a kick out of it when he starts to play ball by himself. He tosses it around and chases it, then he lets it go in front of one of us and just looks at it until one of us picks it up and starts to throw for him.  He gets prettier every day, and we call him Brown Sugar as a nickname.    Debbie

Pikachu Update


Just back from groomer; he would not put down Cow for picture (he is looking for Cow and ignoring Turtle). He did so well on leash, rode in car like a king, and the folks at the vet are in love with him -- smart folks! Pics may be bit blurry, but you can still see those too cute sweet furry paws. :)  Hope this finds all doing well.    Love ya!    Peg

Benny Update


I'm glad you asked, because he the GREATEST DOG EVER!!!! We love him so much and cannot imagine our family without him. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in March, and when I am having a bad day, he is the sweetest companion I could ever have imagined. He just follows me from place to place and puts his sweet head on lap and looks at me with those beautiful eyes and I feel a little better. We go for walks every morning, unless I am too sick, and his favorite thing is going for hikes in the mountains--especially if there is a stream. I am going to attach a few pictures that I would love for you to pass on to his "birth family" so that they can have the peace of knowing he is so very loved by our family. The picture of him and my daughter is from today, and the others are a bit older. Thank you for bringing Benny into our lives, he is one of my family's greatest joys.    Rayna 



Pepper (aka Special) arrived with Kassie (aka Bobbi) at the same time.  We think they were abandoned by hunters.   Here are the comments from Jean when I announced that Bobbi was adopted.

I'm so happy for Bobbi, and all the new adoptions. Pepper is
our little joy, and is doing great. She's hates swimming though. We tried an outing in the pool, she took 5 minutes to please us, but let us know pretty quickly that this was not her thing. When we are swimming, she stays on the porch or in the house! At least I know she will stay away from the pool. She doesn't want to be anywhere near it, but we still keep the gates closed in case she gets any ideas!

I am so glad Laurie is doing well. As a cancer survivor (16 yrs), I know firsthand how scary it can be. Our prayers are with her..    Gloria

Dennis Update

Hello Cathy,

Thank you for the correspondence.  We are not photographers, and don't have a digital camera.  We wish we did, because this morning while we had our coffee Dennis was sleeping on his pillow, surrounded by his toys, with his head on his stuffed  black Labrador.  We have been corresponding with Laurie about his adventures.  Please feel free to use anything that she can make available to you.  There are pictures that she took of Dennis leaving the facility.  We have a friend who can take some pictures for us, and we will send them along.

Yesterday, Dennis stole a ribeye steak from the counter.  We were able to get it back before he swallowed it whole (he probably would have choked), but not before it had been soundly pulverized.  We fried it up to use as special treats for when he is exceptionally cute.  Who needs that much red meat anyway?  That is the first naughty thing he's done, and I'm sure he felt it was for him, and we had forgotten, and he had to procure it for himself.


Forest Update

Forest update August 12, 2013    Forest is doing great! He is fitting in wonderfully with all, even Maury the cat, they are buddies.  Joey (Black and White Cocker) has come out of his depression in a short time of getting to know Forest, now they are in-separable.  We all love Forest, I fixed our backyard gate that accesses the golf course and we all started evening walks on the course, of course Forest can’t wait and anticipates the trek all afternoon.  Here are a few pics, Dano and Jeannie.

Dandee is adopted & an update

As you can imagine Dandy and I have been having a ball. He has been coming along very well. He is still slow to trust people right off the bat but mostly he seems to warm up to people within the first half hour or less depending. Everyone I have introduced him to has been very kind, patient and affectionate with him.

He gets along perfectly well with the other two dogs. I think Abby and him got into a little tiff right behind us yesterday morning but we couldn't tell who started what and neither were hurt or still upset. Not entirely sure what that was about. He has tried to charge the chickens a few times. Only if one is separated from the rest. He will also make bluff charges through the fence. As far as we have seen he hasn't tried to put one in his mouth, but the other day, all three of the dogs cornered one of the hens against the back door. I was in the back room when that happened and opened the door to see what was what and all three dogs looked guilty but the chicken was fine. I think they were having fun together, being mischievous. I told them NO and they all backed up into the yard and laid down like they were in timeout, but not in real trouble. I haven't seen them do that again since, so hopefully no worries.

I think the most difficult thing for Dandee is that my hours are really strange to him. However due to the heat down here, he seems to prefer my schedule to the one's of the other dogs. I take Dandee out in the early mornings and at sunset and he loves it. He is very good on the leash and continues to improve. Before when we walked by houses that has barking dogs, he would nearly stop in his tracks and would cower. Now he still looks unsure and a little afraid but he keeps walking and stays to my side.

I think overall, Dandee seems to trust my judgment and consequently is comfortable wherever and whenever he senses that I am at ease. He also seems to mimic my attitude. If we are walking and I get a weird feeling and get on the alert, he follows suit or if people are being loud or gesturing quickly but I am still calm or happy, he continues to play with the other dogs or hang out like he was.

He is very adaptable and very easy going. He is alright with just hanging out in the yard, around the house, or wherever we be.     Iris

Denim is adopted & an update

Denim is a blue heeler that now has his own home with a mom and a dad and a little girl.  What a life for him.

We made it home with no problem.  He is getting along very well with our other dog, Marla just gave him a bath.  He loved it, very good dog!  Thank you  Byrle

Greetings Denim is a very special dog.  He is fitting in very well, first couple days, he showed me all the holes under my fence. Lol    We have fixed all of our security issues now, hehehe.    He just seems to bloom a little more as he is getting used to us and his new home.    All my visitors comment on how sweet and gentle he seems.    We are very glad we found him