Saturday, March 1, 2014


Many of you that have been to FFAA know Chanel.  She is the beautiful blue Pitbull.  Our wonderful volunteer, Deb, has loved her for some time and has finally been able to take her home.  We’re so happy for both of them.  There are two other dogs and some cats living there too.

The first week went really good. I was worried because she seemed so scared and not like the Chanel I know.   She started eating and the girls play musical bowls. Izzy and Trixie head to Chanel's bowl and she just lets them eat. Then she goes to another bowl and has her meal. She's not afraid to walk on the hardwood floors anymore. She also comes to the bedroom at night and sleeps by Trixie on her bed. When I came home from errands yesterday she was excited to see me! It was cool. Trixie tries to play with her but Chanel is still a little uncertain. She's also getting much better about getting in and out of the car too. I love her very much.   Thank you for my girl Chanel. Love, Deb

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