Saturday, March 1, 2014

Roscoe adopted Jan 2014

Roscoe, a Boarder Collie puppy not quite one year old, was adopted on Saturday, Jan 18, and moved to Albuquerque.   He now has a little girl as his companion along with two cats and of course two adults.   Here are the first two updates.
Roscoe rides in the car like a champ.  He's a very relaxed little guy, and he did great on the way home.  He seems to like his new home, and he LOVES playing fetch with his brand new little girl in the backyard-- they ran around over all three levels together like a pair of goofballs.  Miranda showed him all his new toys in his toy bin in the living room, and they had a big time trying them all out together. 

The cats are taking it better than I'd hoped, and in spite of a decidedly chilly feline greeting at first, they all seem to be getting used to each other very quickly.  Roscoe was very calm and curious, and didn't press them, but didn't run from them either.  Before the evening was done, both cats had come up to him and touched noses.  Peace in our time!
We've taken him out briefly a few times, and I walked to the end of the block and back with.  We came back in to find Miranda on her bed with her dad for story time, and he jumped up on her bed and gave them both a little good night love, then jumped down and laid down in his own new bed next to hers, and promptly fell sound asleep.  :)
He seems like a perfectly awesome little dog, and we are absolutely delighted to welcome him to the family.  He's even won over my husband (who was tolerating this whole plan, but decidedly not thrilled.)  Tomorrow he's going to get a bath, and I think we'll all need to go to the park together.
I think it's very likely he'll be trained as a therapy dog, and he'll get to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.  Miranda has always wanted a dog that could come to her school and be part of the national Read to a Dog program, and I think he'd enjoy that, too.

Thank you so much for all your help and most of all for Roscoe--    Chanda

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