Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bob and Bugsy adopted Feb 19, 2014

Bob and Bugsy moved to a home with two other dogs and some cats. 

The dogs did good coming home.  Bob tried to nap as did Bugsy.  From Quemado on home she got up in my lap and Bob put his front paws on the console.  
Bob, Bugsy & Jasper are going to do well together.  Daisy (the one we never worried about) is a little unsure and I think she feels a little left out but in time she will know they all belong.  Bob & Bugsy are exploring the house and I'm now going to try and give them all some dinner and see how that goes.  Bob took a really good and long leak but Bugsy has shown no interest in that yet.
Jim & Sheri

P.S. Bob spotted Orlando and started to chase him, Jim yelled "hey" and Bob stopped and came back to where we were walking the others.

Morning Laurie,

Everything went "pretty" well last night.  The cats are scared to death right now of Bob.  Think maybe it's because he's new and black but it's a good way to keep them outside :)  He was bound and determined to sleep in bed with us but finally laid down on the floor and went to sleep.  About 4 am he got up in bed with us but didn't stay.  Bugsy stayed up on the couch next to me until bed time then I carried her into Jasper's cage and they both slept till 7:30 this morning.   She's still a little stand offish but does come to us and lays up on the couch.  Hope
today goes as well as last night did.  Maybe the more the cats see Bob outside the better the situation will get.

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