Saturday, March 1, 2014

Update on Madonna's, aka Bess, puppies

 Here are Mandee,  Fader, and Von  plus one picture of mama Bess (sitting on blue rug) showing how much she looks like Mandee

Bess (Madonna)
Mandee update
Mandee is a long legged "teenager" - weighed 58 lbs the last time she went to the vet, and I estimate she's about 24" tall. (She tried to munch an 8" long centipede and it whipped around and bit her on the lip. Her tongue swelled up and she was dripping a foamy rust colored drool - doc said it was an allergic reaction to the sting).  She turned out to be very smart otherwise, and not one little bit shy - of people or animals - which surprised me. She's not a very good girl sometimes, we have occasional counter surfing issues and still have chewing problems, (she's taught Emmy (their daughter) to put her Legos away and watch out for her stuffed toys), but when we snap a leash on her she's all business. Emmy says Mandee is "Horrible and rambunctious" but the two of them are never in different parts of the house or yard - and Mandee is well trained enough that Emmy can walk her in most instances, although they never go anywhere without me.  Merry Christmas, and thank you for this treasured companion. We sure love her.  Penny
FADER UPDATE  She looks quite content.
Fader is wonderful and loving life.  
Von update    Von is doing great. He has grown a lot. He just passed his year mark in October right? He was such a cute puppy! And now he's a big handsome dog. Bob has been working with him on some obedience training. He is doing excellent. He's incredibly smart. We love him so much! 

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