Monday, April 7, 2014



We lost a friend here at Fur and Feather last week. He was a funny, eccentric old dog with a unique and very loveable personality. Tigger came to us all the way from Red River in Northern New Mexico about 4.5 years ago and we ended up being the lucky ones. He loved his life here roaming around the Sanctuary, keeping tabs on all the happenings and he never skipped a beat. Tigger had clearly never been allowed in the house and every time I brought him inside and offered him a warm place to sleep, he would clearly let me know that he needed no such special treatment. It wasn't until the beginnings of this last winter that he finally conceded to coming in where it was warm and cozy. I can be very stubborn that way, and even though he continued to argue with me I kept dragging him in every night. He finally decided there was no better place to be and he pretty much stayed inside day and night for the whole winter and up until his final day last week. Tigger loved everyone, never held a grudge and was always there to help a cat that needed a cuddle or a person that needed a smile. We all have great dogs in our lives and many memories of our friends that will never be forgotten. Funny though how some stand out more than others. Tigger is now buried in our cemetery looking out over the open fields and the big mountain where he will forever be remembered as the Patriarch of Fur and Feather for a number of years. We love you old boy, fly free and run fast. From all of us here at Fur and Feather, we thank you for coming.  

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